The best folk remedies for weight loss

After the fascinating Thai pills and other drugs that can reduce heat, which in most cases only led to short-term weight loss and serious side-effects, people again turned in the direction of folk medicine. Everyone has been asking us how to lose weight with the help of folk remedies, which methods are most effective and what to do to hold the result.

The pros and cons


Traditional methods of weight loss when used correctly no less effective than traditional drugs that burn fat. At the same time, the body becomes healthier. The thus obtained result will help you to preserve harmony and an attractive appearance, thanks to the benefits of folk methods:

• all-natural ingredients; • excellent anti-aging effect; • adjustment of the digestive system; • normalization of metabolism.

However, with lightning-fast results should be expected. And this is the main disadvantage of old methods. Those who decided to lose weight folk remedies, must have endurance and patience.

Causes of obesity

Choose a folk remedy for weight loss at home should not on the advice of friends and considering the individual characteristics of the organism. In the first place to try to find out the reason why began to accumulate extra pounds. The most common of these are:

• constant overeating, wrong diet; • psychological factors: stress, loneliness, etc.; • a sedentary lifestyle; • violation of metabolic processes in the body; • chronic diseases of the digestive tract or the thyroid gland.

Many believe that the completeness is hereditary and if you have parents, then to lose weight through traditional methods can not even try. This is a misconception.

Yes, a genetic predisposition to obesity exists. But a healthy lifestyle and proper diet to maintain a slim figure is possible until old age.

The choice of methods

Different means for weight loss reviews cause sometimes completely contradictory. This is not surprising – every body is different and what is perfect to one, will not give any results for another. It is advisable to ways to lose weight with the help of traditional medicine you picked up a nutritionist.

It is believed that best results are obtained with slimming herbal teas and fees, which helps to effectively cleanse the body of toxins.

The proven way to reduce appetite is a glass of water with lemon a share taken half an hour before the meal. As a small meal, you can use nuts and dried fruits is useful and nutritious.

If you are taking drugs that reduce the rate of metabolic processes, it can only be restored by increasing physical activity. Here some folk remedies can not do – you need a properly constructed diet and regular performance of simple but effective exercises.

If the weight rapidly increased after recent illness – to start the process of losing weight should be with consultation with the attending physician.

How to remove belly fat


One of the most problematic areas of the female is the abdomen, especially among nulliparous women. Skin after pregnancy and childbirth, never fully regained its former elasticity. So as soon as you receive excess fat, he immediately becomes visible, and treacherously stomach begins to SAG and spread out at the sides.

Unfortunately for the lazy, any folk remedies for weight loss stomach will not be as effective, if not to rebuild the skin and not the abdominals. And the slim waist that matters, not straight and oblique muscles, which do not allow the figure to fade. It is on their strengthening should be directed exercises.

It is very important to perform regular exercises on a press. Without them, from the belly to get rid of. But remember that the fat they burn, but only return the lost muscle tone. As a result, the stomach is removed, the skin is no longer sagging, the waist becomes smaller. Don't forget to work the obliques and the back.

Decrease appetite

Always watch the amount of food eaten. The transition to smaller meals allows you to eat less without the constant hunger. And the size of the stomach gradually decreases to its normal 300-350 ml.

Take control of your appetite will help these people ways to lose weight:

A decoction of bran. It is best to use oat bran – they also have a mild laxative effect. Cup of dry bran, pour a liter of cold water, on a slow fire, bring to boil, boil for 10 minutes. When the broth is cold, strain and take half a Cup for 20-30 minutes before meals. • Water with garlic. Smell but is ideal for reducing appetite, strengthening the immune system and rejuvenate the body. A few cloves of garlic peel from the husk and thoroughly crushed in a mortar. Pour a glass of cold boiled or filtered water, add a slice of lemon and 1/2 teaspoon honey. Take a tablespoon at intervals of time. похудение3Flax oil. Contains very good for the body fats. When taken on an empty stomach mucous coats of the stomach, reduces appetite, improves digestibility of food. You can add it to vegetable salads, but the best teaspoon to drink half an hour before meals (drink water!). • The celery. Very useful product for weight loss. To retain its valuable properties, it is necessary to carefully grind the root, cover with cold water (ratio 1:2) and hold in a water bath for 10-15 minutes, not boiling. Infusion of strain, drink 100 ml for 20-30 minutes before meals. • Green apples. The easiest way to "shoo" the appetite for those who work all day and who find it difficult to use other methods. If there is a green Apple 1 between each meals, they will help to get rid of brutal hunger and you will eat much less throughout the day.

Equally useful can be nuts, seeds and dried fruits. They will also help to relieve a strong sense of hunger with benefits for the body. But the daily amount of these products should fit in the cupped palm of your hand – they are very high in calories!

Colon cleanse

Effective folk remedies for weight loss should not only to burn fat but also to cleanse the body. Often a significant portion of the volume of the stomach does not create body fat, and accumulated many years of toxins, which is literally Packed with the intestines. To get rid of such savings will help the traditional methods.

Plum compote

It is easy to prepare at home: a liter of boiling water, pour 500 grams fresh plums or 350 grams dried. When the plums are boiling, add in the compote 100 grams of buckthorn, boil everything for 10 minutes on low heat, to insist 2 hours, strain. Drink at night half a Cup, filling a glass full of water.

Herbal tea

Fat-burning herbal teas are very popular. Can be purchased at the pharmacy are ready fees for weight loss or to cook by yourself at home. Use a decoction of burdock, bear ears, cowberry, bilberry, horsetail. But we must remember that the herbs with a diuretic effect, wash away the body of calcium and other trace elements. They need to compensate for the additional medication, which include various vitamins.

Fasting day


The discharge creates a small useful stress to the body, helps to cleanse the bowel and allows you to relax the digestive system. Most useful to organize fasting days on green apples (1.5 kg per day), kefire (1.5 liters) vegetable or salads (up to 1.5 kg, without salt!).

Remember that fasting days should drink at least 2 litres of water, but can be more!

Laxatives folk medicine for weight loss allows you to use 1-2 times in a month and only if they are completely absent contraindications. Their uncontrolled intake can lead to dehydration, worsening of hemorrhoids, goiter and osteoporosis.


After 45-50 years the problem of excess weight in women is particularly acute. Slowly begin to recover even those who had not thought about how to preserve the harmony of shapes. Blame hormonal changes that cause slowing of metabolic processes.

In klimakterichskom period, levels of female hormones – estrogenov and progestinov still hesitates, then decreasing, then increasing again. But after the final offensive menopausyi their production stops completely, which entails major changes in the body:

• reduced elasticity of the skin; • become dry and delicate mucous membranes; • different nutrients are absorbed; • reduced physical activity.

Trying though as-that to restore hormonal balance, body starts storing fat, since lipids are capable of producing estrogens. Body weight is constantly increasing, even if did not change the habitual diet and lifestyle.

How to lose weight after 50?


Ways on how to lose weight during menopause folk remedies quickly, too. But it is important to understand that, starting now, to fight for a slim figure will have the time. Natural physiological processes has not been canceled, and people's ways can only slow, not stop once and for all. In this age of popular weight loss methods should be aimed at burning fat and acceleration of metabolism.

First, we should review the daily menu. 2/3 of your diet should consist of fresh vegetables and fruits, a quarter – of non-oily fish and meat. And only the remaining 10-15% can include foods that are high in carbohydrates.

Faster to lose weight help:

1. Vegetable juices. Provide the body with essential minerals and trace elements, restore the acid-alkaline balance, stimulate the cleansing of the intestine, speed up the metabolism. The most healthy juices from celery, parsley, carrots, cucumber, beets, green smoothie of spinach. 2. The exotic fruit. Pineapple and grapefruit should stay on your Desk at least 2-3 times a week. They contain actively breaks down the fat substance and a huge amount of vitamin C that cosmetologists be called the elixir of youth. Perfectly cleanses the intestines clean water with the addition of a fraction of lemon just to drink it it is necessary immediately after waking up. 3. Green tea with spices. All high-quality varieties of green tea – lovely folk remedies for weight loss. To enhance the effect in the mixed drink you can add fat burning spices: cardamom, ginger, cloves, cinnamon. Sugar is completely eliminated, but half a teaspoon of home-made honey for taste can be added.

Important! Apply for weight loss during menopause without a prescription hormone medicines is not recommended. So you can razbalansirovati the work of all organs and systems and make the problem worse.



No folk remedies for quick weight loss does not give good results if you don't make your lifestyle more active. Often protesting against regular exercise people whose body weight exceeds by 20% or more the upper limit of normal. They do with great difficulty given even the most basic exercises and minimal physical activity lead to pain in the joints.

But nothing is impossible for people who lose weight, who really decided to achieve the goal. And don't get to go to the gym or to set records on a treadmill. Just enough to walk at a moderately fast pace at least one hour a day. And another 2-3 times a week to do in its sole discretion:

• dance – from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the tempo; • akvaaerobikoi – 30-45 minutes; • Biking – 45-60 minutes; • roller skating – 30-45 minutes; • badminton – 30-45 minutes; • playing ping-pong – 20-35 minutes; • stretchingom, pilatesom – 30-45 minutes.

When properly drafted diet (better if it will make a nutritionist) such physical activity is enough in order to maintain a high level of metabolism, muscles toned and the excess fat is not going on the sides. After a month of regular training you will notice that the scale goes down smoothly.

How to get rid of excess weight after 40?

At this age the excess weight is extremely dangerous for your health. And judging by the fact that you are reading these lines - victory in the fight with him is not on your side...

And have you thought about exhausting diets and regular physical activity? Maybe you even already tried them, but nothing came of it. It is understandable, because excess weight interferes with the proper functioning of the body. His absence is the key to health and Wellness. Constant fatigue and shortness of breath, sweating.