How to use hooping to lose weight

There are many types of involvent for losing weight:
  1. classic gymnastic;
  2. classical charged;
  3. flexible strap;
  4. Massage Hoop.

In the case of the Massage involvent there are a number of sub-species, differing from each other by the additional "options":

  • hula Hoop with magnets;
  • Tires with Spikes;
  • hulahup with the balls;
  • hulahup with suction cups;
  • demountable Option;

Classic gymnastic and the loaded tire

This type, therefore, as a classic — with him, our mothers and grandmothers were. Gymnasts of the Soviet time used the classic Iron Hoop, slimming, performances and training sessions.

Outdoor sales often you could tire lighter versions made of plastic or aluminum. Plastic - "circle" best for children, no bruises and abrasions — leaves in the use.

For more intense workouts in the gym, the coach always "ponere Et in copia" variant, haec curricula mentis Band loaded. In the metal-involvent of slimming coach made the hole and filled the void inside the Sand.

Girl Trainer bot hard-to-Hoop turn decrease their weight was 1.2-3 kg. For the guys packing weight 7 kg. Nowadays, you can finished ponderati buy modification of the classic round. They are always tested very high in demand — the effectiveness of the training with them from the time. The main application is the Rotation about the waist and hips, what are the abdominal muscles, lumbar spine, buttocks, back, thighs strengthens. Severe variants hulahup increases the load on the muscles, and the intensity of the workout increases significantly.

For the Rotation trehkilogrammovogo bracket much higher Amplitude of the movements of the pelvis. To keep such a circuit, it must cost significantly more. This leads to a higher industria consummatio, and calories to "melt" faster.

However, if the body is not prepared, you should not immediately buy the heaviest Hoop — sports-coach rates, the gradual increase of the load.

Through the application of a heavy model, it creates a very incommodum feeling when turning if the tires shoots through the body: no developed strong muscles, which is able to cope with this mass of the projectile.

Untrained muscles over trained and to cope with the Hoop constantly falls to the feet, so that bruising. All of these moments make Training unbearable.

Massage hula Hoop slimming

Circuits of this type are characterized in that the packing efficiency is increased by the various extensions to the classic Design. The manufacturers have the classic model, by the different "Chips": thorns, magnets, balls, cups.

There are so-called "smart" Massage-hula-Hoop — these models have a built-in LCD Display that shows the number of lost calories, duration of the training, packaging, number of revolutions, pulse, and blood pressure will be displayed.

The use of the Hoop for losing weight with Spikes or balls is as follows. When turning at the waist, the tips or balls of the Massage strengthen the quality of the circle. This leads to a better anti-cellulite by processing of the tissue.

Also, the producers of such involvent special attention to the effects of thorns and balls on acupuncture points on the body of the students.

Tires </2_img>

Suction cups on involvent act in a similar way. The peculiarity of the Massage action is that the suction cups "stick" and "venit ad" of the skin during the rotation of the circle.

It reminds vacuum-Massage and creates a little extra resistance to the Rotation of the circle. Plus suction cups — in the reinforcement of the effects on the subcutaneous layer when working with such involvent.

Magnets in involvent offer the influence of magnetic fields on the blood stream and tissues of the body. Manufacturers say the effects of the magnetic the following:

  • it is believed that they slow down the capillary blood flow in the body and prevents the secondary Assimilation "broken" Training fat;
  • help accelerate the metabolism and blood circulation;
  • have a General therapeutic and prophylactic effect on the organism as a whole.

To mount some hulahup easy to and dismantle. It is convenient for compact storage or Transport, but among the reviews mentioned disadvantages of such a design.

In the course of time or due to poor processing, such models break down when turning.

Which tire is better for losing weight

We are familiar to help with all the existing types of hulahup to understand, in all their diversity. But which one should you choose? No set of rules in the answer to this question can not be. Here, everyone chooses. In the selection, you need to focus on the 4 main points:

  1. The nature of the application;
  2. the weight of the circle;
  3. Size hulahup;
  4. the quality of the product.

With regard to the type of application, one can propose the following. If you are using the tires only want to for the rotation in the waist — choose any model you Quod intuens considerabam. All of them are suitable for it.

Also very flexible kinds of Band can be easily worn around the waist as a kind of amplifier, for example, while cleaning the house or cooking. It is an additional load on the muscles, increase the consumption of calories.

To strain when you have decided, long, £ in the pantry, since high school aluminum Hoop, which after filling with Sand, you wrap up at least electrical tape, which avoids pressure points and uncomfortable "shock" of the bone during the rotation of the pelvis.

Better yet, wrap it under the electrical tape strips of the foam material is a prerequisite for involvent with a weight of more than 2 kg is almost. When you purchase, ensure that you are satisfied with the quality of the product. Pay attention to the surface of the circle — it should be smooth. If it is chipped, rough mensa crumenae distentae seams or dents, there will be a lot of awkward feeling during use. Exactly, and ощупайте Massage tires with Spikes or balls. Balls and Spikes should not be rigid and fixed with such a very high probability of "earning" abrasions on the skin when using.

The balls must be well fixed and the product freely rotates. Hulahup, buy it and put it in front of you on the ground. If the tires hold up to your ribs, then choose a smaller diameter of the circle, or else twist them, it will be very problematic and uncomfortable. So, select the "size" hulahup.

Helps hula-Hoop to lose weight

Those who do not resort to the use of hulahup, often ask: "Can I lose weight with the Band?" Of course you can! Even if you just rotate the tyre on the waist, so this leads to the following changes in the body.

  • Improvement of blood circulation, especially improves the flow of blood in the organs of the small pelvis. This leads in particular to an improvement of sexual functions in both men and women.
  • Improving the circulation of lymph. As consequence — the elimination of puffiness and "muscam, idest" in the lower part of the fuselage in sellulariis quaestibus way of life.
  • A cure of the syndrome of "lazy bowel" — during the rotation of the circle, the Massage of the abdomen and the internal organs that the improvement of the evacuation of the intestinal contents.
  • The elimination of waste products of the cells and impurities — then you come with the contents of the intestine;
  • Cellulite Massage-effect "reduces целлюлитных humps break" by the "shock" Hoop when rotating;
  • Formation of a beautiful waist due to the regular exposure to this area of the body. This is especially important after pregnancy and birth.
  • The General improvement in health and mood — it is for a regular exercise in General, and in particular with the circle;
  • Loss of calories inevitably leads to weight loss, if the loss exceeds your intake of food;
  • General improvement of muscle tone, and careful study of the lumbar spine, the muscle corset of the spine leads to recovery.

I can lose weight, rotate the tyres every day

Of course you can! And not only lose weight, but also strengthening the muscles of the spine, the abdominal muscles, legs, and the female pelvic muscles. Turn on the daily lessons with involvent in your System slimming, and the pointer of the balance is gradually closer to nullius concupivi code. Before starting the training, make sure that you is a situation in which it is not desirable or even dangerous, turn the tire.


As necessary, rotate the tires, in order to lose weight

On the basis of the rules on the gradual increase of stress on the body, begin to rotate the tires from small to large. If hulahup not turn ponderati models, then you can daily for 10 minutes. Every day you can. the duration of the workouts to 1 Minute Heavy models hulahup start turning after 3 minutes, 3 times per day or 5 minutes twice per day. When selecting a training mode you can focus on your feelings.

ut spicæ outfits, whether, if you rotate the tyres every day

Of course "patience and work, everything et tere"! To bring decrease enough time daily Training with hulahup to 20 minutes. With this load for the month, with the waist superfluous 4-8 cm Regular daily exercise with hulahup, together with other elements of an integrated approach inevitably leads to loss of pounds. The more serious you are and the more your efforts, the better results you can expect, at the end. On the result only does not affect how much time you rotate the tires for the weight loss, how heavy is your circle, but also, as is right, you do it.

How to rotate the tires

A very important point — if you turn the tire, only on an empty stomach. You may want to practice on an empty stomach in the morning or choose a time when after dinner, 2.5 hours passed. Hulahup beat on a full stomach — thankless profession. Turning the tire in the clockwise direction is the right direction for the right massaging of the intestine. So we turn stimulate the peristalsis and the rapid evacuation of the intestinal contents, which is important in weight loss. The Amplitude of the movements of the waist should be small — not to do imbri vehementi movements. The movements should be coordinated, flowing, and rhythmic. The right attitude — keep the spine, head straight. Proper breathing is very important. You don't pay attention to the fact that at the time of employment with involvent you breathe through the mouth, breathing only through the nose. You breathe evenly and calmly. Not to speak during the training. Exhale try all the air from the lungs without leaving any residue. Make the Pause between the end of the exhalation and inhalation, as well as after the complete filling of the lungs with air. The slower the breathing, the better. Please note that not less important is the right thoughts at the Training. During the rotation hulahup concentrate better on what a beautiful waistline and flat tummy, we now vbi. That is to say, the attention must be fixed on the desired result. Psychologists claim that the effectiveness of such training is significantly higher than simple "myslebludie".

Exercises with involvent for slimming belly

If you want to use a Hoop to remove belly and flanks, enough to just spin it on the waist. It will also be interesting is to Run for weight loss and Cellulite A further focus in the area of slimming the waist is a special way to make the Rotation of the circle — turning the tire, not the legs placing. Try not to help the muscles of the legs and buttocks of Rotation of the circle — it's your waist is thin and elegant. Of course, this rotation hulahup is unusual and seems to be very difficult at first glance. Not to a master, sometimes this technique. In this case, you can gradually zoom in on the feet of each other, as long as you are within the vicinity. So gradually we will reduce the strain on the buttocks and thigh muscles by the abdominal muscles. This is not the only, but one of the most efficient techniques for packaging applications for slimming belly.

Exercises with involvent slimming

For vestri poliuntur applying put maintenance of the body and the muscles, further complications:
  1. You fold your hands together in the castle and put it on the back of the head — so we will stop to help hands Rotation hulahup, which increases the burden on the problem areas;
  2. when you turn some of the time, you keep your legs slightly state — bent, this attitude перераспределит load and uses the other muscle groups of the legs;
  3. in a Standard pose "feet shoulder width apart" case easy to of the body turn to the right and then to the left — it is перераспределит the intensity of the impact, the impact force of the Band on the waist and strain on the muscles;
  4. alternately lift and then a leg, then the other, turning without ceasing circle.
In addition, hulahup, you can not twist at the waist and on the thighs — the additional burden on this property Plus a good study contribute to Cellulite,. Try to diversify the activities with involvent, smoothly gliding Hoop top to bottom on the housing.