Diet for women over 50 years

The need to lose weight for women over 50 is not dictated only by the desire to look young and attractive, but also the desire to improve their health. In this age of each kilogram of the likelihood of developing Diabetes mellitus, cancer and cardiovascular increased disease. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to and special diet keep system, which will not only help you get rid of fat Ballast, but also to strengthen the body. The task is complicated by the fact that women in this Phase of life will drastically slow down the metabolism, what is to be collected to a discharge of accumulated fat is incredibly difficult.

The desire to lose weight </1_img>

The desire to lose weight, after 50 years, the banal and the concern for the health. The older the person is, the more dangerous for him, fat deposits. The joints, swollen limbs, suffer from the blood pressure varies, increases the level of sugar in the blood. From all this, you can get rid of, when to normalize weight and relieve accumulated over the years pounds.

How to lose weight in 50 years

The primary task — to Tune in to the right diet, a healthy way of life and realize that it's not some temporary action for a period of 2, 4, and 10 weeks. The rule should be life — active lifestyle, proper nutrition and regular doctor visits life. To not only allow this approach to your health women to get rid of excess weight, and that his return.

For this period, the age is often hormonal changes in the female body — the menopause. This leads to Pellicientes emotional background, irritability, apathy, increased fatigue. The change in the hormone levels leads to a deterioration of the metabolism, and that weight gain is provoked. There is no reason to panic when the spirit of the thing, at any age can get rid of extra pounds and look perfect.

The difficulty in the fact that with increasing age, the skin loses its elasticity, so that after the removing difficult, in order to bring — it seems that the skin is hanging and looks very quæ inhonesta sunt. This is another reason not to lose weight gradually, to form in order to provoke the formation of unsightly wrinkles.

The rules of nutrition after 50

  1. Weight goes on slowly and reluctantly — have to apply much more effort than in the young.
  2. The diet should be reduction to a slow, but steady weight.
  3. Calorie prohibited diets, starving, and monotonous food.
  4. You need to nutrients, the intake of vitamins, micro and macro, the Balance BZHU in the food. Carbohydrates should be 30-35%, protein 15-20%.
  5. It is important regularly to a slight Fitness, Pilates or daily walk in the fresh air.
  6. You need to work on your mindset to accelerate to get rid of negative emotions and aim at the result — a positive emotional background of weight loss.
  7. The main enemy of the figure — overeating. Before eating you slowly so you feel full.
  8. It is important to control the blood sugar level, body temperature, pressure. In the case of extreme changes in these parameters, it is essential to see a doctor.
  9. The comfortable and safe weight loss after 50 — no more than 0.5-1 kg per week. It is a long process, writes a thorough and relentless work on yourself.
  10. Sometimes you can let yourself be pampered favourite products, even if they fall into the category of the forbidden. For example, a banana and a few slices of chocolate — the excellent remedy against Depression and fatigue.

Prohibited Products

The selection of the slimming products on the basis of not only a diet, as many of the principles of healthy eating. At the time of liberation (and desirable for the whole life), fast Food, sausage, savoury food,. The last draw of liquid, resulting in the formation of edema, and thus to even more weight. Under the ban, carbonated drinks, strong and sweet alcohol fall. Not to mention the spicy food, dedidissent culpantes appetite and lovable "hot flushes" in menopausal women. It is very important to always remove it from the food, pastries, sweets and confectionery, you are rich in fast carbohydrates, which are digested immediately and with ease on the flanks and lower. The amount of meat (pork, beef, lamb)— it proves to be too heavy for digestion, reducing the burden on the liver, the pancreas and the whole digestive tract.

Digestive tract</2_img>

Characteristics of the composition of the diet

  1. The main food for plant food. Daily you must eat vegetables, fruit, herbs — you should be in the diet of 50-60%.
  2. Special attention is paid to the Balance of vitamins, A, E, PP and polyunsaturated fatty acids in the diet — try to choose foods rich in these elements.
  3. It is the fractional is important to eat often and small portions. In this case, digestion consumes a lot of energy, and the size of the stomach reduced.
  4. They do without tea and all drinks after the meal. Preferably drink it after 30-40 minutes after eating.
  5. The main sources for Protein, fish and seafood, lean fish, rabbit, poultry (chicken, Turkey) and veal.
  6. The serving size should not be more than 250-300.

Sports component

In women after 50 physical activity greatly decreases. This is, first and foremost, with age-related changes. And very often, the ladies are caught in a vicious circle: not playing sports because of the health you can improve, leading to even greater problems. Therefore, the physical load is not possible. You just have to pick up, so that it is useful for the body and does not lead to excessive loads. To do this, you should consult your doctor and a competent coach who is an individual training program taking into account the age and state of health.


As an exercise, walking is preferred, moderate activities in the gym, Pilates and Yoga. The Cardio stress when you are not busy already, must be approached very carefully, only after a full examination and consultation with your doctor.


Health and contraindications are all different — optimally when the diet develop diet for weight loss dietitian, you will appreciate your health, especially the work of the internal organs, chronic diseases. However, the principles of healthy eating and the knowledge of the peculiarities of his body, you can make yourself a comfortable menu. But this does not negate regular visits to the specialists for the monitoring of your condition.

7 Days

If you do not plan to change their lifestyle radically, but want to get in shape before the holiday or the holiday, then this diet menu for women over 50 2-3 pounds of relieve for the week. Provided, not increase you neglect the physical activity and Hiking in the fresh air.

  • Oatmeal and green tea, apples;
  • Soup made of vegetables and salad, tea;
  • low-fat yogurt;
  • Potatoes and Vinaigrette;
  • low-fat yogurt, Apple.
  • serving of cottage cheese, tea, pears, or apples;
  • a piece of fish, vegetables from the Grill;
  • Fruit Mix;
  • Omelette, citrus fruit;
  • Yogurt.
  • Rice porridge with milk, juice, grapes;
  • Chicken fillet, cream-soup made of cabbage;
  • clotted;
  • cucurbita hash Browns, cucumber and tomato;
  • green tea.
  • Oatmeal with berries, coffee with milk, cheese cake;
  • serving of chicken breast, salad with cucumbers;
  • Tomato juice;
  • Potatoes with fish meatballs;
  • Apple.
  • Casserole with cottage cheese and raisins, tea, 2 eggs;
  • Mackerel, Vegetables-A Grill;
  • ryazhenka;
  • Buckwheat, Seafood, Salad;
  • Banana.
  • the salad of cabbage with carrots, a few nuts, an orange and a fruit compote;
  • Chicken soup, a piece of cheese;
  • Tea with honey;
  • portion of beef-Steak, steamed vegetables;
  • Juice from the vegetables.
  • beetroot-garlic salad, tea, and plums;
  • Potatoes with green peas, a hake;
  • Apple juice;
  • Ear and steamed vegetables;
  • Kefir.

For a month

Planning his attitude to a healthy diet and your diet completely change — take a step in the direction of a healthy lifestyle. In this case, a diet is recommended as long as a lifetime. The menu, guided by the principles of the diet for women over 50. Offer different options for the meals, which you can combine as desired, try the diet varied and rewarding.

Cake</3_img> Breakfast
  1. Oatmeal on the water with dried fruit or milk with honey.
  2. Low-fat cottage cheese with berries and cream.
  3. Scrambled eggs and a Sandwich with cheese.
  4. Cut fruit with sour cream.
  5. butyrum casserole.
  6. Buckwheat porridge with berries.
  1. Buckwheat with vegetables.
  2. Vegetable soup and a piece of bread.
  3. Polenta with chicken pectus.
  4. Boiled potatoes with cucumber and tomatoes.
  5. Fish Grill with vegetables.
  6. Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls.
  1. A glass of fruit or vegetable juice.
  2. Kefir or ryazhenka.
  3. Low-Fat Yogurt.
  4. Fruit selection — Apple, pear or orange.
  1. Boiled fish and vegetable salad.
  2. 1 potatoes and roasted vegetables.
  3. Vegetable Stew.
  4. Rice with the vinaigrette.
  5. Roasted cauliflower and tomatoes.
  6. Buckwheat porridge chicken and chips.

If you are in such a menu is quite long, then a little help in the Form of an additional piece of bread, fruit or a serving of vegetables allowed. Not more than 1 time per week, a glass of dry red wine.

Popular diets for women after 50

Many methods, adapted to women in age and decreased in the comparison of the Protein diet menu and more balanced diet. Diet for women over 50 help, not only to gradually get rid of excess weight, but to keep the result at the right level.

Margaret Queen

Margarita Queen developed a System to lose weight for different age groups, of which women after the age of 50. Diet after this program meets all the requirements of a healthy meal and includes 5-6 approaches to food, small portions, drinking plenty of fluids. The nutrition Advisor in your program does not completely give up your favorite Muffin and baking, but their numbers are in the ration should be very limited. In addition, you eat all the candy in the first half of the day, in the evening all quick carbohydrates, the body is already revised. Dinner early must be prohibited — not later than 18:00, after all the food. You can only spoil yourself with a glass of low-fat yogurt.


Menus, think you have to remember: what is important is not WHAT you eat and HOW much. Follow the calorie intake and salt content. As white poison to eliminate from the diet — the vital necessity, but it adds a lot. Instead of salt to your diet after 50 allowed lemon juice, soy sauce, spices and herbs. Bread give up not necessarily, but it is better cereal or furfures rolls.

7 Days Nutrition is a relatively gentle and well-balanced. Will get rid of 1-1,5 kg of excess weight per week. Monday:
  • Kefir or yogurt, a piece of pineapple;
  • Fillet of chicken with asparagus;
  • Vegetable soup-mashed;
  • Salad with seafood.
  • serving of cottage cheese with berries, carrot salad with sour cream;
  • a piece of fish with vegetables;
  • Apple;
  • Cauliflower with egg.
  • Omelette with herbs from 1.5 eggs (2 egg whites and 1 egg yolk), 200 G of berries;
  • Fish and spinach;
  • Juice;
  • the courgettes.
  • Rice and vegetables, pepper;
  • lean meat with steamed vegetables;
  • Pineapple;
  • Mushrooms with spinach.
  • Oatmeal with honey, Apple and berries, juice;
  • a fish with fresh vegetables in a mixture;
  • 3-4 Pieces Of Almonds;
  • egg, steamed vegetables.
  • Buckwheat, cucumbers, onions, and carrots;
  • Chicken with salad;
  • Dry fruits;
  • Fish with cauliflower.
  • cucurbita pancakes with herbs, yoghurt, fruit with honey;
  • Meat with vegetable allsorts;
  • Kefir;
  • Potatoes "in Uniform", cucumbers with tomatoes.
In this menu, you can repeat several times, by the daily diet of mushrooms, sausage or sausage. However, try to cook completely without salt, and sugar without. In 9 Days This variant of the diet for women over 50 designed for the 9 days are divided into 3 levels, with a duration of 3 days. Eat anything on the day, divided into 5 portions with a weight of not more than 250 grams. Between meals is recommended to drink plenty of. The first Phase — rice

inebriat on the eve of rice, cereal, in the morning, lava and ulcer within a period of 15 minutes. Add a little honey. You need to plenty of drinking, but these should go directly in front of the sleeping or early in the morning you find the swelling. Eat rice — a good cleaning of the organism from slags and toxins, but do not hold such a diet is recommended no more than 3 days.

The second Phase of the Protein

In the next three days, eat lean fish and chicken. Also in the morning and in the afternoon you can wash off to eat 3 teaspoon of honey with water. On the day of the relegated 1.2 kg chicken or 0.8 fillets of saithe, cod or hake. All of this folliculos germinaret, divided into 5 servings to be eaten and for a couple of shots with a distance of 2.5-3 hours. Chicken and fish-days must be alternated in a random order. Fish may add lemon juice and herbs. In this Phase, due to the abundance of the Protein active fat is burned.

The Third Stage — Vegetables

The day relegated kilograms of vegetables, predominantly white and green — cabbage, pumpkins, cucumbers, and onions. Small quantities of carrots, tomatoes, pumpkin allows. It can be in raw Form or steamed, in the exchange of different types of vegetables. The task of this Phase — saturate to reduce the body with vitamins and belly.

To unload the tenth day, by eating only low-fat yogurt and oranges. More gradually, you stop the diet, in portions, add in the diet of new products.

Drinking water (for the lazy)

Function losing weight through this technique is what is necessary to potable Regime. Drink is considered the only pure non-carbonated water. All other juices, teas, fruit drinks and non-alcoholic beverages, the body is perceived as a liquid food. To lose to a diet weight after 50, women's recommend drink at least 2 litres of water. "Nothing new!" — you say? Actually, new is recommended the drinking of water, not after ingestion and up. First woke up — drank a glass of water at room temperature. It starts the metabolism and helps to recover faster after the night's rest. Before Breakfast, lunch, and other meals, also drink water. The Trick is in the fact that the water fills the stomach and a lot of food you just can't.