Almost days of lose weight

The abundant meal, delicious, but not always helpful for food, sweets, alcohol and sugary soft drinks and do not just leave a pleasant aftertaste, but also the extra calories deposited on the body. When you set the weight of some people increasingly begin to exercise, or looking for food for emergency slimming, other heavy sigh, and stretch rolls for the next, and others are looking for a way to burn off excess body fat without much effort.

Almost daily the ideal solution for those who do not deceive like particularly complex diets and gyms slimming. For such a process to bring the figure to bring order to the have only two days in the week to spend on a small diet. A day restrictions on food, are able to withstand.

Why are the fasting days?

Fast slimming

Usual are, for many, food is often harmful to the body affects the human body. To observe very pleasant, an additional layer of fat such as flanks, belly, hands and feet. Such a sight is depressing.

You can check out a specialized Salon where for a reasonable amount of money to cleanse the body, various devices and means But whether it makes sense, the money in addition to throw, if possible, a cleansing of the body is absolutely free and at home? To do this, you only need one small thing - patience.

Relief for the body comparable with the Training - it only takes a little time, any such exercise strengthens the previous result and adds new achievements in weight loss.

Diet slimming belly everyone needs. These days concentrate substances on the inner cleansing the body of toxins, toxins, water, and other products, delayed in the body in the life activity of people.

Despite the fact that this day, the people feel a certain discomfort due to the change of the diet, the next day, the following results occur:

  • inner ease;
  • not the digestive system interferes;
  • Shine and healthy appearance of the skin;
  • Shine in the eyes;
  • the scope is reduced to the problem zones;
  • the abdomen is soft.

One-Night power supply one or two products without salt, should such results. A repetition of such a diet improves the overall health.

How to fast days?

Day prior to the discharge of

Before the start of each of the important things psycho to join logically to the upcoming work. Unloading of the body is an important step for the tire . Morally, self-help, that the one-day change in the diet, and not a long diet. A day can hold.

If it is remove the first practice, eat, better, a sample in front of it. You can try any day after 12:00 food with a product on which you intend to discharge. Difficult? Enter the restriction in the diet from 15:00 or 16:00 to the end of the day. Happened? Then you can gradually increase the period of abstinence from treats until you, the time bar to lift up to 12:00. if you have managed to do a half a day, and be able to throughout the day. On the left, select the date of the implementation of the small diet.

For the cleaning of your conscience, for a couple of days before the expected day, you will clean are the refrigerator from the delicious and malicious attempt to populate of products that you eat on this day and at the outlet from him.

Rules of discharge

There are still a number of recommendations for the correct implementation of the discharge of the day:

  • Need to motivate yourself that these restrictions in the food you need, and thanks to them, you are closer to your dream or be able to wear your favorite dress, skirt or Jeans, the dusty, wait until you will be able to fit in them.
  • One day diet will be the best in a busy day, if not a lot of time thinking about food, but fasting on this day.
  • Home of the day on a long walk plan, while you in the distance with the food from the refrigerator.
  • To clean allows the body in this manner 1-2 times per week. More frequent use of this menu full of malaise.
  • This day is for the body Stress. Aggravate the condition of intense physical activities in the gym is not necessary. Engage in Fitness and strength exercises, you will leave for another day.
  • If you want to include any additional procedures or pleasant stress for the body, stop your choice on the Pool, Massage or Sauna. Beautiful external Stimulation contributes to a better cleaning of the organism.
  • You can Supplement your diet on this day, laxatives or diuretics is not worth it. Depending on the chosen method of the body clean to this day. Intervention cleaning products only increases the burden on the intestine and the kidney, what's the harm.
  • Not necessarily to drink on this day of 2 liters of water. On some days, the drinking of green tea without sugar, and broth of a dogrose, which also contribute to the excretion of toxins, poisonous substances and excess moisture.
  • On this day, the use of salt and spices is prohibited. Soy sauce is also prohibited. Since salt retains fluid in the body, this is the reason why there is a obesity, and there is swelling.

The day before the day of discharge, better to have a light dinner and a glass of water or low-fat yogurt to finish before bedtime.

Variants of the fast days

In addition to these rules, you need to the variety of almost no days to remove it. The options are dependent on the group of selected products:

  • Protein - Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, Meat, Eggs, Fish;
  • Carbohydrates - rice, buckwheat, watermelon, apples, no berries, fruit and vegetables;
  • oily - sour cream, cream, milk.

Oily group suitable for pregnant and breast-feeding. The restriction of the food in such a diet is: sour cream and cream - 500 G milk - 1 Liter.

Carbohydrate products in the body occur in the role of the sponge , which gently cleanses the intestines and other organs of the digestive tract, in passing, he took with output to all of the unnecessary, the were there, and our lives deteriorated.

And proteins the body requires daily. Day on them, the most complex of the long-term effects for the body, but the result is stable.

In addition, fasting days are divided into the rich and the hungry . In the fasting period only consumed a product can be. While the full allowed to eat per day for 2 products, mix them. The rich almost days are suitable for pregnant and suffer from diseases of the digestive system.

When unloading, it is important not to abuse the quantities of food. Vegetables, fruits, berries, allows a volume of up to 1.5 kg. an exception is the watermelon forms, his standard begins with a 3 kg, and in General, it is recommended that these berries at a rate of 1 kg of watermelon per 10 kg of body weight. Fish and animal products - 500-600 grams, eggs - 6 pieces.

Use, harm, and contraindications

Healthy food can be harmful to health under certain circumstances. Despite the fact that the results of the fasting days for weight loss positive, but you also have with these, all of the parties.


In favor of this diet, you can briefly outline in the following major advantages:

  • Almost daily is harmless to the body;
  • stimulates the accelerating the work of the digestive tract;
  • easy to transport;
  • Weight loss can pounds a pair;
  • the body cleans itself of pollutants;
  • The function of the digestive system normalized;
  • the cleaning of the filters of the body - the kidneys and the liver;
  • don't need to cook;
  • it is a kind of Training before the diet or switching to the right diet.


Like any Situation in connection with the restriction of the body into something with the wrong approach, unloading can also be harmful in the next

  • depressing feeling of hunger;
  • in a bad mood and well-being;
  • Stagnation in the stomach;
  • there is no input of the required number of fats, carbohydrates, vitamins;
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases of the digestive system.

Please note! Stagnation in the stomach can occur very easily when not enough liquid is used. For example, this may occur if the book of unloading the wheat, if the croup, and in large quantities consumed, with a soft, but extremely dry.

a positive result is not, and the day is spoiled. So make sure you drink a lot of water, green tea without sugar and yogurt (if a menu).


  • Diabetes;
  • Diseases of the kidneys and the liver;
  • Pregnancy;
  • breast-feeding (hungry unloading);
  • individual intolerance of certain foods;
  • Disease in the acute Form or Phase.

On the basis of the above, we can conclude that the discharge-days in the diet of modern man! Sticking to such a diet, you lose weight from 1 kg to 3 kg.

Effective fasting days

Also in this case, how one day diet, there is a rating, the leader of which may surprise you. It turns out, the lackluster and the usual for us, the food can be. per day, a considerable amount of kilograms to get rid of, without harm to the body List of options effective almost days selected slimming, starting with the largest loss of extra pounds:

  1. Cucumber - 3.5 kg;
  2. Apple - 3 kg;
  3. Kefir - 2 kg;
  4. Buckwheat 1.5 kg;
  5. Water, rice, berries, fruit, vegetables, fast days, according to Malysheva - 800-1000 G;
  6. the rest of the diet-days - up to 500 G;
  7. Tea with milk - 0,5-2 kg.

Fruits and vegetables almost daily

Cucumber fasting day slimming is the largest volume of sucked product (up to 2 kg of fresh cucumbers) and the highest number of Reset of the total weight of 3.5 kg. in this case, the water is allowed to drink.

Apple menu in modest amounts and is 1.5 kg of sour apples. Do not forget about the obligatory pre 2 liters of water.

In General, berries, vegetables, and fruit days in a similar way. For the discharge must be of 1-1,5 kilograms consumed all the fresh berries or fruit. We also want to produce water melon lift - per day, you must eat not less than 3 kg. For vegetables there is a specific recommendation - you should include dietary fiber, not containing starch. Vegetables can be eaten raw or cooked. Necessarily drink water and green tea without sugar.

Unloading Kefir

Almost days of lose weight Kefir is also modest in the number of the main component.

Of the day you should drink up to 1.5 liters of yogurt with zero-or individually-fat percentage. And be sure to 1,5-2 liters of water consumed.

Unloading with the help of buckwheat or rice

Buckwheat and rice

Buckwheat-unloading of the finished prepare. On the eve of the diet you have to wheat a couple of cups of paper, and pour the water over night. Per night grits absorbed the water will be softer and more inflate in an in size . You eat pure without anything.

Since these Mono-diet of green is allowed to drink tea without additives, and 2 liters of water. There is still a variant of such a diet - buckwheat over night, pour the yogurt and throughout the day, this book needs to eat wheat, drink low-fat yogurt and water.

For a one-day decrease on the rice needs to cook a Cup of rice until soft and nourished throughout the day without the addition of salt and spices. You can also use wheat, rice steamed in the night book. Just as you can.also 2 liters of water and green tea without sugar drink

Water Diet

Water-the most difficult type of offload in the execution and endure, it can only units. Per day drink 2-4 liters of water. On this day, only pure water is room temperature or cool temperatures.

Tea with milk - way, slimming, borrowed from the Tradition of the British drink tea with milk. In the morning you have to cook for 1-1,5 Liter of milk, add 3-4 tablespoons of green or black tea, let it brew. The food for the whole day. The loss in weight as 500 grams and 2 kg.

To not occurs when your body is on friendly terms with cucumbers, apples, yogurt, or another product, whose consumption is the maximum in weight loss, you can stop your choice on a more reasonable menu. Losing weight in this way will take longer, but for you and your body Stress.

To end a day of fasting?

Coming out of the discharge must be smooth. Dinner boat of the day should not be later than 20:00. Somewhere an hour before bedtime you drink a glass of water. No other meals and liquid should not be on this day.

The next day, pounce on harmful, nutritious food with spices or sweets to fill up, neglected per day, not worth it - it brings harm to the body. And also re-issued and the new weight is of a very high dose of carbohydrates. Because the body a, it must be protected, and not give away that Stress.

So the next day, you have to the diet with a minimum amount of salt and low amounts of fat paint.

Menu of the day after the unloading can be:

  • Breakfast: scrambled eggs with vegetables or porridge (oatmeal or rice) with dried fruit;
  • Lunch: chicken soup with vegetables and salad without Mayonnaise;
  • Dinner: steamed, boiled, or baked fish or chicken with buckwheat, rice or vegetables.

Even the use of solved any liquid other than alcohol. Then you can get back to a normal diet. But better you go on proper diet, the effect is preserved to the day of fasting.

Useful Tips

Almost days of lose weight - a good way to clean the body and release of several kilograms of excess weight in a short period of time. We offer some practical tips that will help you through the cleaning of the body with minimal losses in the atmosphere and the General condition of the body paint.

Almost days for expectant and nursing mothers

Almost days future and nursing mothers

I want to draw attention to one day diet in pregnancy and lactation. Monodiets these women in this condition are contraindicated. Are allowed in the mixed discharge of, the several ingredients. A compulsory part Kefir or Quark should be. Is prohibited, citrus fruits, strawberries and other fruits and berries, allergies provoked. So you can get discharged in 7-10 days, not more often. Your body at this time is working for two, worsen his condition, not value. Prior to the start of such a procedure is necessary to see a doctor.