losing weight with Wraps

A slim figure is the dream of every woman. In order to reach her goal-women's access to different methods. High popularity among the possibilities of Slimming Wraps bought. Many of them can be done at home without a lot of money on the services of the salon.

Useful properties of procedures

Wraps — Beauty-Session, the care for the body, and in particular its volume to reduce to eliminate Cellulite and improve the condition of the skin. The method provides overlapping masks on the entire body or individual areas (arms, legs, abdomen, hips, buttocks).

Wraps can be divided into two main types: hot and cold. They differ not only by the temperature of the exposure, but also, what is the effect on the skin.

In the case of the hot variant of the blood vessels under the influence of heat expand, increasing blood flow. As a result, the skin is heated, the pores expand, and through excess fluid and harmful substances (toxins and wastes). After the procedure, significantly the volume of the body and reduces Cellulite smoothed.

A cold winding vessels that causes a narrowing of the pores, and the blood, resulting in an outflow of fluids and harmful substances from the subcutaneous tissue. In this embodiment, waste products and toxins through the liver, and the kidneys. To warm up, it starts fat of the body for the removal of the body, causing you to lose weight.

Any type of Wraps have the following positive effects:

  1. reduces the volume of the body;
  2. exempt from the cellulite;
  3. tightens the skin;
  4. accelerates the processes of blood circulation and the metabolism;
  5. detoxifies toxins and excess fluid.

All together, it promotes effective weight loss.

Options wrap at home

Course packs are offered in many Spas. But not every woman can afford this Service, since the cost of the procedure is very impressive. However, Wraps spend can be at home.


It should immediately be noted that all types of body wraps procedures have to be in the following order:

  1. first you need to take a shower, the skin should work, exfoliation, to remove coarse particles and provide for a deeper penetration of the active ingredients;
  2. then the composition of the prepared beat and massaged. In the case of the hot variant of the mask we recommend heating in a water bath at 38 °C, when cold the mixture should be at room temperature (20-22 °C);
  3. after applying the composition to the skin of plastic film placed in 2-3 layers (especially useful for the individual parts of the body) or whole body with cellophane. In the case of the hot Wraps from the top of the warm clothing you need to get dressed or cover of the dense ceiling;
  4. after the procedure, make-up, wash in the shower on the dry skin apply Anti-Cellulite cream.

The duration of the hot Wraps is 40 min. With a cold embodiment of the procedure takes 1 hour. The result is there, you need to have a course of 12 sessions, where the sessions should be 3 times per week.

If there are no contraindications for the health, it is quite effective in the exchange of hot and cold packs.

Wraps are best in the evening: about 18 to 22 hours. In this time the skin is particularly active, so that the useful components, they have an intense effect.

In the following, various recipes formulations, the help, the extra inches on the waist and other parts of the body, both in hot as well as cold variant.

Important! If the mask includes brewing components, can apply the Tool are undesirable on the belly and the inner thigh, since in these areas the capillaries are located in the vicinity of the surface of the skin, and it burns and swelling of the tissue can.

Honey and mustard

Honey is rich in biologically active components (the product in approximately four hundred), the accelerated penetrate deep into the skin and normalize the metabolic processes in the tissues, the blood stream and eliminate the congestion. Mustard improves the metabolic processes and leads to excess fluid.


  1. Honey — 2 Tbsp. L.;
  2. Mustard Flour — 0,5 Tbsp. L.

Honey with the mustard mix and apply on the skin. In the case of the hot variant, the mixture should be heated. For the honey mustard Wraps are characteristic burn. If this feeling is strong, this method better stop

It is worth noting that the proposed structure must be used with caution, since honey can can damage cause allergies, mustard and sensitive skin. Therefore, it is recommended prior to application of the mask to test.


In the coffee set a quantity of useful components, improve blood circulation, provide the cells with oxygen, removes the processes. Therefore, after you do not throw away a Cup of coffee, which is the thickest you should, but for Wraps. For this, you should film 70 G of coffee grounds, apply to the problem areas and обмотаться clear point of view.

Coffee Wrap used most commonly for the weight loss of the legs and of the buttocks.

Cinnamon — not just a spice

Cinnamon is used more in the preparation of pastries. But it can help in weight loss due to its composition. It contains essential oils, antioxidants and tannins, which act on the skin nourishing, firming and rejuvenating effect, but also break down body fat. Ingredients for Wraps, cooking, you need to:

  1. Powder — 1 TSP cinnamon;
  2. OLIVE or almond oil — 2 tbsp. L.

Cinnamon should be mixed with oil and apply the mixture on those areas where there is body fat: thighs, buttocks, abdomen, shoulders, hands, etc.


Chocolate Delight

We all know the joy that brings chocolate bars. But this product is able to help to eliminate the extra pounds. Seaweed wrap is one of the most common method in professional Salons. When applying the chocolate on the skin contributes to the reduction of the volumes. Often the wrapping is used, the weight loss of the thigh.

The composition, take 2 tiles of black chocolate, break into small pieces and melt in a Bain-Marie. Then the liquid chocolate to cool and apply on the skin with a brush.

Recipe with sound

For the preparation of the composition can be any clay — white, pink, blue, green, black. Clay has properties, thanks to which the skin is removed, excess liquid, toxins and slags. Most often, you use this component to slimming belly.

The composition should take:

  1. clay powder — 4 tbsp. L.;
  2. Water — 3 Tbsp. L.

The water with the sound, carefully stir until the lumps and is a thick porridge (if necessary, add water or clay). The composition with the brush on the problem areas.


Red peppers and remove the

Peppers has the effect of warm-up, the micro-circulation of blood improves in the skin, expanding the pores, and eliminate subcutaneous fat deposits.


  1. ground red pepper — 1 tbsp. L.;
  2. Vegetable Oil — 5 Art. L.

Pepper with the oil combine and apply to the skin. This bath takes only 15-30 min, as in the case of long-term exposure, the occurrence of burns can. Immediately it should be noted that the Wraps with the peppers apply better for sensitive skin.

Instead of pepper you can make a tincture out of the peppers. For the preparation need to take:

  1. ground red pepper — 1 tbsp. L. without the coaster;
  2. Vegetable Oil — 10 Tbsp. L.

Pepper, pour in the oil, stir and leave in a dark place for 7 days. The resulting tincture is for Wraps in pure Form or added to ready-made Anti-Cellulite remedies for the body. In this case, it is necessary to take:

  1. Tincture of red pepper — 1 tbsp. L.;
  2. the finished Medium — 1 tbsp. L.

Application of baking powder

The use of Soda ash in the composition for the body wraps can cleanse 1 cm in the waist after the first treatment. For reducing fat on the belly the following recipe is wrinkles suggested.


  1. Baking Powder — 1 Tbsp. L.;
  2. Sea Salt — 2 Tbsp. L.;
  3. Water — 100 ml.

All the components should wrap and mix the porridge on the belly and cling film.

Cocoa Body Wrap

In the composition of the cocoa beans contain caffeine, which has a toning effect and speeds up the burning of body fat.


  1. Cocoa Powder — 400 G;
  2. Water — 0.5 L;
  3. Cinnamon — 1 TSP

In cocoa powder, add the cinnamon and cover with water. Cook the mixture on low heat for 10 minutes, stirring constantly. The resulting composition is cooled, and with a brush on the body to apply.

Procedures with ginger

Ginger root has a burning effect, therefore, when applied to the skin, will warm you up and contributes to the elimination of fatty deposits.


  1. Ginger powder — 1 TSP;
  2. Powder — 1 TSP cinnamon;
  3. the blue clay — 70 G;
  4. Water — 100 ml;
  5. essential orange oil 10 drops.

Ginger, cinnamon, mix clay and water to a thick cream. In the finished mixture of orange oil to add.

The mask is recommended for slimming arms and legs.


Mummy of body fat

Shilajit is a mixture of various organic (plant and animal) and inorganic (mineral) impurities. In its composition, a variety of minerals, vitamins and other active components. Thanks to this, Shilajit excess fat helps. The cream should be prepared, consisting of:

  1. Mumijo — 4 G;
  2. purified water — 2 TSP.;
  3. Baby Cream — 100 G;
  4. Lemon essential oil — 10 drops.

Mummy dissolve in warm water (40 °C). To connect the resulting solution with baby cream, stir, and lemon oil to add. Ready composition be kept in the refrigerator, but prior to application it is necessary to heat it in a water bath at 20 to 22 °C (for cooling) or up to 38 °C (hot version).

The use of coconut oil in weight loss

For Wraps, quite often, in vegetable oils, either in pure Form as well as in the composition of the masks. Great popularity among them has coconut oil, does not improve, the only, the outflow of the liquid and leaves the skin hanging after the weight loss.


  1. Coconut Oil — 2-3 Tbsp. L.;
  2. essential oil Grapefruit — 5 drops.

In coconut oil, Grapefruit aether add and apply the mixture on the problem areas.


Wrap Bandage

In this Form of Wraps, special bandages, or simply strips of cotton fabric composition impregnated is prepared. A hot pack is giving way to one of the following: bandages, first in water, the temperature is 38 °C. For the cold version, the water should be room temperature.

The prepared bandages up zones are wound on the problem, and on top of foil or cellophane overlaid cling. The duration of the Hot-procedure is 40 min. and cold 1 hour. The sessions can be repeated after 1-2 days. The course consists of 10-12 packs.


Recipe with milk

When the skin has an increased sensitivity and dryness, in formulations for Wraps Bandage you can milk.


  1. Milk — 300 ml;
  2. Farina — 200 G;
  3. Powder Mustard — 50 G

The thickness should be thin to connect with the mustard powder and milk. All stir well. For the hot Wraps mixture heated must in a water bath, stirring constantly.

Wetted bandages must impregnate the milk composition and wrap your problem areas in a direction from the bottom to the top.

Apple cider vinegar

In the composition of the Apple vinegar, there is manganese, the exchange of fat and promotes the breakdown of fat cells. The skin becomes firmer and refreshed by fruity acids.


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar — 1 Litre;
  2. Water — 1 L.

To mix vinegar and water. In the prepared solution bandages to moisten and wrap the problem areas. In General, the winding with the application of vinegar to use for the whole body. This will be the first to feel the cold, to narrow the pores and blood vessels begin. Together with the blood flow of pain-free pollutants, which are then excreted by the kidneys and the liver. Then the body is hot-filled, in this Moment, the decomposition of the body is fat.

The duration of the procedure can be extended for up to 1.5 h.

Contraindications for Wraps

  1. Pregnancy.
  2. Gynecological Diseases.
  3. Abrasions, open wounds, scratches.
  4. Diseases of the skin.
  5. An allergic reaction to the components of the mask.

For hot compresses on the presented list a few points:

  1. Diseases of the circulatory System;
  2. Tumors of different nature of origin;
  3. the disease of the veins;
  4. Lactation.