The best exercises for weight loss belly

The best exercises for weight loss belly

A bit of body fat on the belly and "barrels" is in each of us, even those who have a completely flat stomach and a wasp waist. And that's fine. But too much fat is bells alarming "alarm", because in large amounts of body fat impact negatively on health. It is important to remember that fat between the layers directly under the skin – subcutaneous fat – or much deeper (such as the heart, lungs, liver, and other organs). This, more "depth" of fat is called visceral. And it is a great challenge, even for very thin people.

Yes, a certain amount of visceral fat is necessary for the correct functioning of our body. In this case, he provides the correct damping of the institutions. However, the excess of these permissible standards is the risk of high blood pressure, type II Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other serious problems. Fat just "sits" in your body, an active part of your that creates a lot of "trouble". And the more there are, the more important this is the most difficulties. So, some people are not so full that the fat deposits in the literal sense, fits into the, so-called, Parking places for its storage. In the consequence of fat in the organs and around the heart.

How much fat is in your body?

The most accurate method for determining the visceral fat computed tomography or MRI, but these methods are expensive and complex. There is also a simple Alternative. It is enough with a tape measure and wrap it around the waist above the navel, and then complete the changes. It should stand, make sure that the tape is correct.

According to experts ' opinion, normal waist for women less than 35 inches and for men less than 40 inches. The body of the "pear shaped" with wide hips is less dangerous, than to observe how the character takes the Form of "Apple". Because if the performance of your waist long as the General Norm, is the probability that the fat is under the skin in the area of the abdomen and on the sides and seamlessly transforms into a visceral, which surrounds internal organs, is very, very high. Conclusion: the following: get rid of the subcutaneous fat tissue, we work a lot "deeper" to know not only how the figure more attractive, but also for the prevention of a number of dangerous consequences of the accumulation of excess weight.

Exercises for weight loss laterally, abdominal

Famous coaches have enough effective exercises for slimming stomach, each of which is thought out and adapted for the study of certain muscle groups.

Exercises, which is suitable for slimming the abdomen and in women, and for both trained as well as for those who employed the last time the physical load in physical education.

The complex consists of several levels, depending on how difficult the exercises for slimming stomach. If the technique of execution to Artful, there is a simpler variant. And Vice versa, if it turns out that exercises, slimming belly the lungs, it is possible to complicate it.

Only physical exercises will not decrease belly enough, you need to follow the diet and give up bad habits.


Includes the warm-up the muscles for the high-quality Training.
  1. A simple twist

    Position horizontally, the need to tighten the legs bend, hands behind the head. The shoulders are raised, the ribs to the hips. In this situation, you have to count to two, then back to the horizontal Position.

  2. The rise of the legs

    A wonderful exercise to lose weight in your stomach at home.

    Location of the body is horizontal, the legs are bent, the hands to the sides. Taz increases, the position of the lower extremities by up to two and returning.

  3. Rotation with leg lift

    The source is horizontal, the legs, the hands to the sides are bent. The breast and the area of the knee raised a lump sum in the direction of each other.

  4. Side-To-Side Rotation

    Location of the body; horizontal, the legs on the floor, hands behind the head. The shoulder extends up to the opposite leg.

  5. Twist with lunge

    On the ground, hands behind your head, elbows are to the side. The feet must follow suit to the pool, to bend him. The shoulders lifted, the knee up to the chest tightened, and then the leg is completely stretched.

  6. Bike

    The location of the body is horizontal, the legs are bent, the heels are in the vicinity of the hips, hands behind the head. Shoulders detached from the floor coverings, a leg oriented in the same direction at a small angle. To reach a distant shoulder to the knee of the opposite leg.

  7. Jiggle Socks

    The starting position on the floor, lift the legs, the knees, the hands behind the head. The shoulders lifted, the toes of a foot, stretched it out to touch the flooring, you back.

  8. Circular Rotation

    Location of the body — horizontal feet on the ground position, the hands behind the head. You are going to lift on an angle of about 45 degrees and make rotation of the housing in both directions.

  9. Deflection

    The position on the knees, the elbows have to sit on the floor, the feet abut socks. Knees break the floor covering, by up to three, the return to the beginning position.

  10. Diagram Of Position

    Position on the belly, based on the ulnar part of the hands, the feet on the toes. In this Position, you need to and keep the body. A foot rises to the level of the pelvis, by up to two, the original condition, the exchange of the legs.

Warm-up – the end of the training

Stretch for about five minutes.

There is a workout consists of 7 exercises for slimming stomach. The complex is less effective and can help in body shaping.

  1. Rotation

    Similar to the first task of the previous complex.

  2. Side-To-Side Rotation

    Analogous to paragraph 4 of the previous complex.

  3. Rise with the subject matter

    Lying on the floor, between the soles of the feet hold the Ball. The legs are at a right angle to the ground. Legs as far as it would humiliate in the direction of the torso, the Ball must be provided to the Person.

  4. Bend/Stretch

    Location of the body is horizontal, the legs bent, hands behind the head. When you exhale, the legs relax, without touching the floor covering, inspiratory bent.

  5. Bike

    Analogously to paragraph 6 of the previous complex.

  6. Bridge

    Location — horizontal, legs apart, hands palms down near the neck/ears. Building on hands and feet, the arches body around, Torso from the ground. Then back to the starting point.

  7. Cat

    The Position on the knees. During inhalation the abdomen is pulled and the round back up to the Maximum, by up to five, the return to the initial state.

If there is no power to fulfill complex of 10 or 7 out of contracts, you can try the 5 exercises for slimming stomach. The Training was for the lazy, but still ready to have a slim figure ladies, it contains the most effective exercises for belly slimming.

  • Side-To-Side Stretch

    The position of the body, the bend with the feet on the floor, hands on the knee fix. Right leg goes out in the direction of the winds, the heavy of the hull to slide on the other leg. Right Hand raise and draw in the left side. By up to 8, repeat in the other direction.

  • Diamond

    Starting position — standing, hands together in front of chest, the closed finger tips, with force must push up with the fingers.

  • Abdominal muscles

    Each exercise from the previous complex.

  • Scissors

    You lay down on the floor with your knees raised, then turns in opposite directions in a criss-cross.

  • Cat

    Way the implementation is identical to the previous complex.

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Do not forget that the charge must at the same time. And, in fact, a strict daily routine – a very important point. Noting, if the best exercises for slimming the abdomen and flanks, with a focus on the individual characteristics of your body. In General, the best time for Training is a interval of between 10 and 11 o'clock. In this time, your body will begin to fully awake and ready to home exercises lose weight stomach, allowing maximum efficiency of such training.