The most effective exercises for weight loss laterally

The same story with pages and other problematic areas of the body.

It seems, making adjustments to the trainers spend a lot of time and effort, and the man with many interests simply don't have time to do sports.

We hasten to assure you, these are all excuses: opportunities that are available, the change in the shape of the abdomen and the pages exist.

Today we have a closer look at each of them, and they follow our instructions and apply them, in fact.

The result of our joint efforts just like you!

exercises for losing weight

The main causes of obesity belly and flanks

Obesity is the scourge of modern society — it is a fact, not argue.

Enough to look around, be attentive to the passers-by on the streets, colleagues at work, and even his closest circle of friends.

In all likelihood you will find a lot of people, the acute Problem of excess weight. Cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and obesity to name the most important epidemics of the XXI century.

What is the basic mass of this phenomena? Because historians and anthropologists have determined that our ancestors ate a lot more of us and tried to make it more often. The answer lies on the surface: it's all about the lifestyle.

We were to spend a lack of exercise, passive, little time in the fresh air. "Where is it, this fresh air, life in the city?", Questions, You You.

And really, such objections to law. The deplorable state of the ecology of a strong epidemic of obesity affected.

Our body is under the constant influence of the toxins, which are absorbed in large quantities by polluted air.

Even a trip in the country brings such a use, as in the past, before the invention of the Assembly line production and the steam engine.

The third in the queue, the main cause of obesity — poor diet.

Under the word "incorrectly", we mean the following things:

  • Low quality of products;
  • No or small amount of herbs, vegetables and fruits in the diet;
  • No systematics in the shots of the food.

Only if you think your relationship to all three points, you can say that you have a balanced diet and the right. So the units boast of.

In addition to the above reasons, obesity is such a problem areas such as abdomen and hips, also have other factors that do not depend, unfortunately, by us.

It comes to inheritance and hormonal disorders. In the first case, man is not powerless, that can stop the progression to drive the disease, or the moderate consumption of food.

Sooner or later the disease will manifest itself again. But do not give up — too much fat is very possible to fight, if it is the desire and zeal.

Hormonal disorders, especially in women, and quite often to be found.

Causes of this dysfunction, Stress, pregnancy, puberty, taking hormone supplements, the list goes on and on.

lose weight

To fight in the event of errors, the number of overweight is a little easier than if you have a bad heredity, but it is a very labor-intensive process.

Also the emergence of abdominal fat is dependent on the muscle tension. With age, he is getting weaker and the flanks and belly are flabby.

Choose the right physical strain

Before you start actively Training, you should determine your character.

You need to see clearly and to set a goal, starting from the desired result, choose the way to achieve it.

It is very spread important correctly to paint and physical stress. The force effect on the muscles of the people have different effect depending on the speed, intensity and type of exercises may exercise.

Your goal is the sides, the belly, and excess subcutaneous fat deposits is to get rid of it.

Exercises requires a combination of Cardio, muscle tone.

Then, the lethargy, the tendency disappears quickly tired, the body begins with the charging process, it useful energy and get rid of excess weight.

Above all, attention must on the muscles of the abdomen. You can weights handy Tools: balls, aerobics,.

Also, it is very important to run a regular basis and long walks over long distances.

No program of preparation of professional sportsmen, or method of weight loss with exercise is not complete without you.

Running is the strengthening of the muscle fibers of the whole body, intensive Training of the cardiovascular System, the development of the musculoskeletal system and, what is very important, the development of the press.

Specialists in the field of physical preparation indicate that regular Jogging are just a short distance able correct figure, but especially the flanks and the belly.

You probably know many flattering about Yoga.

The qualified connection of the spiritual, mental and physical, began guaranteed multi-pronged development.

It's okay if you have little interest in the question of spiritual enrichment, the correct figure through Yoga.

And this way is not almost the most effective, as the experience of thousands of people.

Note also, these types of rhythmic gymnastics:

  • Aerobics;
  • Shaping.

With your help, the proverbial tallow in the current situations.

The last type was for the correction of the figure.

Rhythmic gymnastics is for women of all ages, because it takes into account the age-related changes and consists of exercises in which the fulfilment of its objectives and characteristics of the organism.

Shaping aims to fat burning, the "sculptural shapes," shapes of the body and its fixation.

Wherein the method does not imply the use of bulky fitness equipment, and iron, as well as very attractive.

Aerobics — this is the most optimistic and entertaining way to throw the extra pounds.


It's not too Intensive power exercises, since his task is to keep the muscle tone, without which it is impossible, from the sides and of the abdomen.

In addition, this type of gymnastics has a cosmetic effect, and helps in maintaining the healthy condition of the skin.

Next we are going over the exercises that is convenient to home, but the best effect can be reached if you work holistically — combining the walk into the gym with the learning at home.

Exercises to remove belly and flanks

Finally, you take the fun of the practice. Arm yourself with patience and diligence — and then you can do anything!

First and foremost, before all the exercises, no matter how simple they may be, start with a warm-up.

It is important for the heating of the body, bringing the muscles into "alert" and minimize hurt risk.

Warm-up exercises are simple: turn back the head to the left-right and forward inclination of the upper body, circling movements with the elbows or hands, stretching.

Can you do them in a more convenient order. The main thing — not to a lot of effort, but simply to properly prepare the body for the workout.


So, you have warmed up and the body drawn and are ready to make concrete steps should be taken:

  • You take the starting position — it is convenient to arrange lying on the back. Bend your knees and clasp your hands in the area of the neck. Slightly tighten the abdominal muscles and concentrate on the work.
  • Slowly raise the shoulders, abdominal muscles keep you in suspense. Easy stretch in the direction of the bent knee and fix this Position, do not relax for a few seconds.
  • Down to the Inspiration. Pay attention to hands and feet — you need to be in the same Position.
  • You do 10 repetitions, relax for a Minute and back 10 reps. In the break between sets, try to relax and restore breathing.

The rise of the pelvis

A good exercise for strengthening and developing the muscles of the lower press, and belly.

The Video helps to understand, if something is unclear.

  • You lay on your back, bend and lift the legs and feet were parallel to the floor and the knee — pelvis. Hand widely raskinte that they are perpendicular to chest height.
  • Slowly lift the hips from the ground, without tension to the abdominal muscles, and without the Position of the knees and feet.
  • Fix the Position for a few seconds, exhale, relax. Repeat the exercise 10 times, then a Minute Pause and a approach.

Side-To-Side Rotation

Popular exercise for slimming belly at home, and a thorough workup oblique muscles.

An improved Version of the ordinary twist.

  • Starting position: lie comfortably on your back and concentrate. The legs bent at the knees, the feet are safely on the ground, at a distance from each other approximately to the width of the shoulders. Thighs slightly apart. The hands behind the head.
  • The left elbow from the ground dissolves and slightly to the right knee, pulled, straining press. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise with the right elbow and left knee.
  • A elbows not to lose contact with the floor so you balance.
  • In the Pause between two curves, the abdominal muscles and breathing relax.
  • To start with 2-3 sets of 10 reps is sufficient.


We are sure that your teacher of physical education loved this effective exercise to remove belly and flanks.

And it is not in vain: it is very simple, but simultaneously strengthens several muscle groups.


  • You lay on your back. Lift the feet and pull the heel closer to the pelvis. You can find the optimal Position and fix it. Keep your hands behind the head, the fingers are interlocked with each other.
  • Slowly, the abdominal muscles are released from the bottom, and effort. Lift one leg at a small angle, at the same time the elbows pulled to the opposite knee. Return to the starting position and repeat with the other leg and elbow.
  • You do 10-15 reps, then a break, lie on the floor and relax. Make another approach.

Circular Rotation

slim figure

An effective exercise for strengthening and Training of all muscle groups of the abdomen.

  • You lay on your back to lean back, the legs sit on floor, knees bent in a small angle.
  • Not strong you can squeeze your abdominal muscles and make the full extent of the rotation of the pelvis 5 times on the left side, so many — on the right side. Make sure that in the implementation of the exercise, the pelvis has been constantly pinned to the floor. Hands chained all the time behind the head.
  • Rest between two full circles rotate and repeat.

Simple exercise for belly and waist

  • Take a resistant Position with the belly down. You are on the elbows and socks, the torso should be perpendicular to the ground. Do the exercise on a carpet or Mat under the elbows slightly soft.
  • Lift one leg to the level of the hip, fix. On the count of two, place the leg and lift the other. Monitor the correct Position of the trunk to the ground.
  • Do the 2 approach to 10 reps.

If you are a day all of the above exercises, meet the result is coming soon.

A lot of exercise 3-4 times per week, but it is not your choice.

The advantage of training at home, without the use of iron is precisely the ability to avoid blocks, since all the exercises are for firming, toning, and corrective character.

Try, at the same time. If you believe that the body gets used to it, loads start to increase the number of repetitions and approaches.

Many do not advise, do the exercises faster, but in the case of phrases (this is the main weapon for the elimination of excess fat on the belly and flanks) are not only ineffective, but can also cause damage.

For descriptive reasons, we also bring you Video of the exercises to remove belly and flanks.

You don't just follow our instructions, if something is not clear — see how the trainers and repeat.

You believe me to be correct and the figure home, there is absolutely nothing complicated!