TOP 5 Cocktail recipes for weight loss

In the minds of many of us, the word "diet" is something sad, sad and absolutely tasteless. That is why the majority of diets is usually the same - nervous breakdown. How to a diet comfortable, varied and, above all, delicious? Help homemade Smoothies for weight loss! In this article, we will discuss what exactly you are good at, but also explain how this Cocktail to prepare, in order to lose weight at home.


How are those Cocktails?

Many athletes use the Training nutritious Shakes for weight loss. Such drinks help, enough food to eat, but not deposited on the sides, have very little calories. It is not a diet.. Detox Smoothies for weight loss can Supplement absolutely still and dissipate toxins from the body, and those that contain fat burning foods, speed up the metabolism. We are learning to cook and those, and other, but about it a bit later.

Generally, there are three basic ways to diet Shakes for weight loss:

  • When you are ready, the discharge of extra pounds fat burning Shakes to drink slowly, but surely, in about thirty minutes before a meal or as a between meal.
  • The liberation from the hated fat went faster Cocktails, you replace Breakfast or dinner. The lunch, it must also be true: meat or steamed fish, salad from fresh vegetables or fruit.
  • If it is urgent part of unnecessary two-three kilos to arrange a fasting day, to the Cocktails.

Cocktail to lose weight at home: recipes slenderness

There are several types of Cocktails slimming, depending on what you want to achieve: the cleansing, fat burning, nutritional values and so on. We examine in Detail how each type works, and share the recipes. Five recipes in each section - there are plenty to choose from!

Fat burning

The most important feature Giraud-the Cocktails - the acceleration of the metabolism. Moreover, you digestion will improve. In General, in the Cocktail for the fat combustion products, such as ginger, Grapefruit, celery, and other components with a similar property are the ingredients. Contraindications to the receipt of such Cocktails are not, except for individual intolerance to the components.

Cocktail to lose weight with ginger

Composition: two apples (in the summer you can replace it with water melon or melon), a pinch of cinnamon, a pinch of ground ginger, a glass of water.

A Cocktail for losing weight is prepared in a blender: all the ingredients are crushed until a homogeneous mass - and drunk immediately.

Cocktail of celery

Composition: two hundred grams of celery (only the stems), two medium-sized apples, juice of half a lime, a hundred grams of water, half a Cup of ice.


Celery finely chop. Peeled apples, lime juice and chopped celery must chopped in a blender. Then add the water, again mix, and at the end of Crushed Ice pour. If you add to the "cold" variant - instead of ice, a hundred grams of water.

Cocktail with Grapefruit and pineapple

Ingredients: a quarter of a Liter of butter milk, four rings of pineapple, thirty grams of pumpkin seeds, thirty milliliters of coconut oil, diced Grapefruit.

All the fruits need to peel, chop, load into the Mixer together with the remaining ingredients and a good Beat.

Cocktail to lose weight with cinnamon

Ingredients: cinnamon stick, teaspoon of honey, a glass of water, a teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar.

According to the Tradition, cooking is easier than to describe all the components in a blender crushed. In addition to cinnamon - you have to at the end, in the finished drink.

Kefir Cocktail slimming

Ingredients: 200 grams of low-fat yogurt, a teaspoon of cinnamon, a few teaspoons of fresh chopped ginger, a pinch of red pepper burning.

Recipes Cocktail slimming is simple, as all ingenious: you need to mix all the ingredients and ready. However, there is a small caveat: this Cocktail have to cook strictly immediately before use.


The increasing popularity lately is gaining Detox Smoothies for weight loss, and testimonials from those who have already tried to confirm their effectiveness.

How do they work? The whole secret lies in the title: "Detox" is short for "detoxify". That is to say, the main purpose of such a Cocktail - detoxifies the body of all the accumulated hazards such as toxins and slags. And the purified body is a faster metabolism, good digestion and, as a consequence, any extra pounds. We offer five elegant recipes, Detox Cocktails for weight loss.

Cucumber Cocktail

Ingredients: a cucumber, a stick of celery, one hundred grams of berries (lingonberry, cranberry or cranberry to choose), a small Apple and a bunch of fresh spinach, and a glass of butter milk (or water, if any, or yogurt, do not eat milk products).

All of the components must first be crushed and then beat in a Mixer until the state of the pulp.

Fresh green

Composition: each bundle of the herb, what the soul is - for example, spinach, parsley, Basil, cilantro, sorrel, and so on. Nevertheless, you need to have a unripe banana and a glass of fresh tangerine juice.

The recipe for green Cocktail is simple slimming, like all of the other components, cut and place in a blender, beat the resulting mass with pleasure intended to apply.

Energy Drink for losing weight

Composition: bunch of spring onion, two radishes with leaves, a large cucumber, a clove of garlic, piece of ginger, grated on a grater, and a couple of "pepper grains" peas.

All beat in a blender, if it's too thick - you can add, yogurt, green tea, or plain water.

With carrots and oranges

Ingredients: two carrots, two oranges, a tablespoon of grated ginger, two of Flaxseed.

To juice vegetables, add the rest of the components and whip in a blender.

Mint Cocktail

Ingredients: two green apples, two medium-sized cucumber, a few mint leaves, mineral water.

Cooking as well as the previous - vegetables-fruit-squeeze the juice, add everything else and stir thoroughly.


Well, that help your Hunger with small calorie. Those who eat constantly, to notice in this Sport, that such Cocktails are really two in one: give energy and promote the burning of fat.

Chocolate-Cocktail slimming

On the Internet lately more and more popularity of the sports Cocktail for weight loss on the Basis of chocolate slim wins, but our Version is not worse. Let alone that the is available and authentic.

Composition: 100 grams of cottage cheese with a fat content of zero, a couple of glasses of low-fat milk, 300 G of any fruits or berries, 50 milliliters of water, 50 grams of cocoa, 30 grams of milk powder.

Cocoa and milk powder to dissolve in water, add the Ricotta and fruit, whip in the blender. Then mix the resulting mass with milk, stir, allow to cool.


Berry Cocktail

Ingredients: 80 grams of raspberries and blueberries, a glass of low-fat yogurt.

Stuck give all of the components in a blender, how to beat, and with enjoyment consumed!

With banana and blueberries

Ingredients: half a banana, diced Cup of blueberries, a tablespoon of ready Protein Cocktail, a glass of water.

As in all other cases - use an indispensable aid Mixer. If desired, add Crushed ice before serving.

With yogurt and oatmeal

Ingredients: 300 milliliters of low-fat yogurt, three tablespoons of oatmeal, two slices of cucumber, all herbs to taste.

Cucumbers to grate in a blender, and there you add all the other components. Whisk, add the ice cream before serving.

Egg Cocktail

Composition: two protein, one hundred grams of low-fat sour cream, a tablespoon of flax or olive oil, half of the carrots and green Apple, a little lemon juice.

Proteins, sour cream, oil and lemon juice, mix fruits and vegetables grind in a blender and add to the mixture. Mix everything and with an appetite to eat.

Sure, in these recipes, you will definitely find one that can be enjoyed for you. Good Luck!