How to lose weight in your legs: a guide to home

Every woman wants to be slim and beautiful, think about the weight loss, when it comes to the extra pounds. As the practice shows, the legs of one of the problem areas of the weight lose to last.

Therefore, in the framework of this publication we offer to shed some light on this question in different facets — how to lose weight in the legs.

slimming legs

How to lose weight in legs and thighs with diet and change the diet

At once we will notice that such a Plan is not available power supply that would selectively legs, invigorating on one or the other area of the body, in our case, the. So it was, and is, that for the collection of the standard in a particular Phase of your body, most effective Workouts, i.e. physical activity, individually tailored, taking into account the state of the organism. However, this does not mean the selection of assisted nutrition.

So, if you take interested in the legs, it is best to turn his attention to the diet, at the same time with the appropriate exercises for the legs and thighs. It is the diet, in which a sufficient intake of protein (Protein) is provided.

It helps you for long enough and to not reach for sweet and is also to compensate for the consumption of Protein in the context of the training process, resulting in effective muscles.

It is worth noting that even taking into account the effectiveness and long effect Protein diet with Low Carb, attenuante still faced with a lack of energy, so you can hear about the transition to the so-called diet BUTCH (i.e. Protein-carbohydrate exchange). It is a diet plan in which all of the pre-Protein foods in combination with a sufficient intake of "slow" carbohydrates!

Thus, the greatest challenge to the goal of losing weight in the legs is a balanced diet of nutrients to carefully monitor the intake of essential.

Example Diet №1:

Tomorrow Lunch Evening
200 grams yogurt + an Apple + coffee without sugar. Steam Chicken + Cheese Slice. 1 banana + steamed vegetables.

Here are a few useful tips and recommendations for the selection of the food for the composition of the diet. First and foremost, it should refuse decidedly to such terms, as:

  1. Candy.
  2. Jaws (all of the flour).
  3. Refined products, sugar, oil, cereals.
  4. Of course, fast fat Food in all its diversity and other sources of so-called "fast" calories and hydrogenated -.
  5. Finally semi-finished.

At the end you will be full of appearance. This is why, in the diet attention is paid to the control of the consumed salt to forget about the nuts and popcorn.

Speaking of diets and nutrition in the slimming of the legs, can't remember the upload. Consultant to remove from the United States recommend that a rule should be in every breath of air, laborum 20 doing squats that stop you from all sorts of requests with such a vector.

Example Diet №2:

Tomorrow Lunch Evening
Omelet + slice of rye bread + 200 grams vegetable salad + green tea with lemon. Lean Solyanka Lean fish/beef, steamed + fried vegetables + unsweetened tea.

Therefore, they go on a diet, the same time as your level of physical activity. should pick up It is recommended to see a doctor, in order not to harm your body, and in the pursuit of well-shaped legs do not undermine health.

The role of water for the weight loss of the legs

All of the experts in the 1 vote I said that the diet in a targeted manner and to the emaciation of the legs and the whole body, in General, you should water a day at least 2 liters. However, the amount of the liquid is a little different. Let's look in Detail at the point.

Nutritionists the following formula: 1 Liter of water is people 30 kilograms of net weight. This means that if you weigh 60 kg, so per day the 2 litre to drink.

However, if you have excess mass, tip is no longer current. Imagine, if you weigh 100 kg, so on the day you need to drink 4 litres of that it is problematic. Therefore, you should his views of recent studies in this direction, and they claim that the volume of water must necessarily the number of eaten calories.

We count calories: we assume that it means the day is about 1200 kcal, eat, the volume of water shall not be less than these numbers with the addition of 0.5 liters.

Certainly, the water is very important in weight (leg work, including), so as:

  1. It is effectively the body of all the "dirt" in the Form of decomposition products of fat/proteins/carbohydrates.
  2. Water is irreplaceable in the context of the biochemical processes in the processing of fat.
  3. Through the water, recovering the elasticity of the skin.
  4. Significantly speeds up the metabolism.

The process of weight loss was to the Maximum effect, you should have a few rules for the intake of water:

Water and losing weight
  1. You have to take the habit, every morning drink a glass of warm water. So you can forget about constipation.
  2. Wants to eat? Comes to the aid of water.
  3. Before each meal before eating, for 20 minutes, drink the serving-giving water.
  4. Do not forget to drink during exercise, as physical exercise the body temperature rises, and the water detoxified.
  5. More drink – better to 6 o'clock in the evening, and then only on request, that there is no edema.

Read the list of errors, with the most common attenuante:

  1. In any case, not from the food, water, as in the case of this "scenario," the fat accumulates in your body.
  2. To not drink in front of the to eat more water, because so easy to the processes of digestion may be disturbed, because they dilute the gastric juice, wash the valuable enzymes. As a result, the food is not digested completely.

To lose so, if you are aiming for, the weight of drinking water is necessary. You should turn to specialists, if you have a disease of the genitourinary system, either a vascular pathology.

How to lose weight in the legs fast and effective exercises

Diet is of course good, but as mentioned, without a lot of physical activity is a quick and immediately visible results. Therefore, we offer to your attention the list of exercises that are good because you can at any time, regardless of the time of day, taking into account the graphics.

Important note: first of all, you do each exercise 10 times (after 3 passes). If it is too hard, or you suffer from overweight, you will have the opportunity to 1 approach.

  1. Number 1: you will need to lie on the floor, looking relaxed, the hands beside the body, puncturing and legs shoulder-width apart. They begin to extend the legs to the inside, and then, accordingly, to the outside caressed with heels on the floor.
  2. Number 2: the good old "bike".
  3. Number 3: exercise is the scissors is also effective for the weight loss of the legs. Here, it is important that the angle of elevation of 45 degrees.
  4. Number 4: lie on the floor and connecting the legs with each other and with the hands against the surface of the floor. Lift the leg to the Maximum high to your chest, turn your. Erection happens without contact to the ground.
  5. Number 5: Lunges. You will stand and hold her feet apart shoulder-width. They run forward with the right, so that the second leg on the spot. Sit down, listen to the condition of the body, carry all the weight on the right foot, sat on the chair as low as possible and then slowly get up. You can change the leg.
  6. Number 6: the knee does not bend even less relevant. You stand up, keeping the legs and crouching approach for 1 to 10 times. To not be in a hurry, you can simply locate your pace with a maximum sense of impact.
  7. Number 7: sit back on the chair, face to face, keep your back flat, and legs unbent. Lift it as high as possible, then fall to the ground.
  8. Number 8: exercise is called the "nogohod". For his performance, sitting on the floor, legs stretched out (they should be straight), put crossed her hands on the chest, if you want, and start the progress with the help of the force of the buttocks. At the same time you feel the tension of the back/press to a greater or lesser extent. Then we go back.

How to lose weight in upper legs: exercises for thighs and calves

No one would argue that most of the problem areas – it is, of course, thighs and calves, it is logical that it is for you special exercises. We offer to your attention 2 simple and effective variant. You can, as in the previous paragraph, at any time convenient for you.

Exercise for the thighs weight loss:

  • This exercise is important for strengthening the inner side of the thigh. You lay on your back, clasped hands to my sides. Start with the legs lifting, in compliance with the 90-degree angle to the back and then bend in the knee. The next Block – breeding and knee Roll-up, taking into account the heels, holding together the.

Exercise for the calves is on the decline:

  • If you think dissatisfied with the condition of his calves, they look like sausages, it is difficult, the shoes zuzuknöpfen, on a regular basis to do this exercise. All you need is ... the wall. The most common, it is in every house. Will next to her and take something heavy (if you have no obesity). Very slowly, you rise to the socks, and then descend. On the ascent as the descent should go in the order of 10 seconds. You will need to climbs not to repeat so long until the burning in the knees is tangible. The effect is not immediately noticeable, but it's worth it, believe me!

How to lose weight in the legs, not the muscles inflate with the help of Massage

Yes, the most beautiful part of the process for the weight loss of the legs, taking care of yourself and your body is certainly. If you don't do them regularly, not only to improve the condition of the skin, and it is a pleasant tactile contact, and elastic.

Massage and scrub – this irreplaceable helper in improving the circulation of blood/lymph, they are part of the body of the dead parts of the skin, opens the pores, can the legs take the follow-up to the Maximum effect.


It is useful to know:

  1. Optional expensive cosmetic treatment visit rooms. So, at home it is possible the hydro-massage in the shower, rich in contrast, including. Everything is very simple: do not point the water jet in a circular motion in the direction of the legs from the ankles to the thighs.
  2. To practice at home, percutientium dry,"", rubbing the skin of the feet.

It is proved that the vacuum-Massage or any other type of a great help in the fight against excess weight and Cellulite, but do not forget that in the case of nedolečennyh fractures, sprains, problems with the skin, varicose veins, the presence of "stars", it is better with experts to consult in order to not aggravate the Situation.

What can I do to keep the lost weight from legs in a week?

They do not represent a rapid process, need to understand that losing weight is, the complex of measures for the competent correction. Therefore, the question of slimming in the legs for a week – quite controversial. Certainly no results, but they are not Global, and it pays to accept how you are.

Here are a few rules:

  1. Still keep to the rules of the diet are the expert menu, to give up, just flour and fat can be presented to take as a basis one of the diets, in our article a little later.
  2. Pay attention to the regularity of training, and the special exercises that were offered in the range.
  3. Make your friends jump rope and bike. Would be good if in this list of massages and other relicto procedures are included.

At least for this week, you will your body to the proper nutrition and the stress of the physical nature, and the small results, an additional incentive to train.

To lose so, if you want weight in your legs quickly and effectively, you should have a new diet, but also regularly physically active, by on the problem area of "point"!