How to lose weight per month: instructions

Doctors warn: lose weight quickly dangerous, and the stored extra pounds almost always come back "with tags", because the hard constraints in calories to force the body to "think", like so:

"Help, we on a desert island! Stocking!" As soon as you throw diet, he stock begins with the doubled eagerness.

Guide to slimming

Physiological decrease — 1.5–2 kg in the month of: enabling a secure and smoothly, without the Stress of a new diet. We will show you how to set the size for the month (which incidentally is still more than 2 kg) and not to be in favour of questionable Mono -, System fast weight loss and so on.

Let this "weight loss per month" is only the first step to a life where there is no space for extra pounds. Here are some possibilities, each of which works but is best combined.

You waive all "Junk Food"

Two news: a good and even better. The good: they do not remain full — fledged Breakfast, lunch, afternoon meal and dinner (and even at the request of yogurt the night-as in a Sanatorium), you need to starve at all.

The second piece of news is improves the quality of care needs and the products carefully choose.

A difficult task: for a whole month (and if you like, and more) there are good meat, fish, bread, whole-grain bread or whole grains, more legumes, vegetables and fruit, pasta from durum wheat, olive oil, fresh herbs, cottage cheese and natural yoghurt with a fat content of 2-5%, and a little of black chocolate, honey, nuts.

Surely you have heard of "garbage food". It is that which gives nothing useful, but only charged to the body of calories, unhealthy fats, and fast carbohydrates, as well as an excessive amount of salt, which retains water in the tissues.

If your diet, the Chips, suchariki, sweet lemonade, milk or white chocolate, cookies from the store, ready-made sauces (Ketchup, Mayonnaise, and so on), meat, or similar semi-finished products (sausage, sausages, Nuggets and so on), sugar in an amount of no more than 6 teaspoons per day — you are familiar with trash food. The first step here, stop clogging the stomach.


If you don't resist and bought Chips or Cola, go to the nearest trash can and dispose of it. Money? You throw the power of the will. The next time not to buy.

Walk for at least an hour to walk

The usual walking can be quite a Alternative to Fitness, only you have to go pretty much daily. Walking is not an increased burden on the joints (such as Jogging) burns more than 200 calories for 1 hour.

Persons with a weight of 65 or 75 kg while walking at a speed of 5 km/h spends 239-240 275-276, and kilo-calories and The more weight — the more applies: the consumption of calories increases together with the speed and with each kilogram of mass.

If you go with the weighting — for example, with the backpack — the number of calories consumed will be more. Now, if she sticks with the inventory — for example, Nordic walking, uphill, or even more.


If your all the way to and from work/at work or school to the University, only the travel in public transport, get off within 2-3 up to his stop and go on foot. You can gradually increase the number of stops: first a, then more.

Try to not use the Elevator, if possible. To raise it to the third or fourth floor better foot.

You are looking a Hobby and profession for joy

Most of the time we have eaten too much, if you are trying to "seize in a bad mood, Stress, and dissatisfaction".

You what you have wanted for a long time to think for themselves do? Can, learn to knit, or draw, or start to learn Italian? You go to Yoga? Treat yourself to a new Hobby, invest in self-development: now a lot of ways to do this, without spending a dime: Online courses and lectures, and Video Tutorials of everything in the world. Just have to choose what you really like, what you want.


When the Hand reaches for the Anti-Stress biscuits, ask yourself: "will I really?" If no, if it's just a fill in the blank, write 5 new Italian words, select the pattern for the future of Batik or watch a lecture.

Choose foods with "negative calories"

proper nutrition

There are products with low calorie content and rich in fiber. It is almost every cabbage, zucchini, herbs, celery and some other types of vegetables.

Sometimes they are called the products with "negative calories": it is said to your digestive more calories than they contain. Of course, this is not so, but rather, the body works "to zero". Recover from these products, really, unreal: you can ad libitum, so so popular "soup for losing weight" on the Basis of green vegetables

Just don't think it is possible, don't eat Sauerkraut fries: in the location, such products do not burn your calories.


You plan the menu and buy the products in advance: it is freed from random, unnecessary food and makes the food varies. In General, you practice in mindfulness!

You can reduce the portions

Even if you do not turn each portion to 20%, it helps a lot to eat. You may be less aware of, you can enjoy the dish with a smaller volume.

In order to deceive themselves, not only eat a smaller portion, but do it slowly. Eat small bites, chew cost thoroughly.


You forget the "society of the pure plate": food is unique to you superfluous (question from the previous exercise: "I'd like one, or eat just like that?") Dispose of or remove them in the refrigerator under the film. The next time you put less.

The opinion of the specialists

"I'm with deep skepticism, "dieting for a month". To fall back with great difficulty pounds as soon as you stop to Spartan.

Change your eating habits and the physical activity gradually and permanently. When you eat, try to listen to the inner signals of the body's feelings of Hunger and satiety — and you will be guided for the beginning of the meal and convenient saturation", - tells Elena, nutrition consultant, author of books on nutrition and food / behavior "My best friend in the stomach. Food for smart people".

If you like to walk, tip more matches to go to them. If not — look for other, convenient for you to find ways to move more, recalls the expert.