Results for slimming – what you are?

Your girlfriend with an important air, it was reported that the liberation of obesity is necessary, only then, only eat less and move more. The simple truth, seemingly, and there is nothing complicated in the process in order to get rid of extra pounds. But it turns out that all is not so simple!

Result of slimming

Even the doctors don't tell you how easy to remove. In addition, a competent doctor will never say, what are the weight is reset if a serious restriction of diet and active sports. Because nobody knows exactly whether a particular Person is losing weight at such a diet and sports. In the process of weight reduction a large number of factors affect, and the mood and the specifics of the organism, and weight, and the body's response to certain System of diet and a certain load. Because of the change of diet and the introduction of the sport in your life, the body can react in different ways. Perfect if calories begin actively to break due to the energy consumption during the execution of the exercise. But the same can occur, and the other Option is to save the hungry, the metabolism, the try, the nutrients from the last forces. In this case, the weight will decrease slowly enough.

To reduce if the weight – Problem

You probably have a friend or known, where it is well managed, to lose weight on the Kremlin diet. Every time you hear stories about how well the process of weight loss was, and how many managed to relieve with this System. Of course, to provoke such stories on the diet and you try. And you may even already tried this variant, but for some reason the effect is not the same. Don't be surprised. According to the statistics, the Kremlin diet weight loss the result is only 5% of the people. It would be different, there would be no Problem of overweight.

About the same can be observed and, in pursuit of the other diets. Thousands of people from units not relieve the weight, others will not notice significant changes. But why is it so that you can relieve significantly the extra pounds while others weight too slowly? Of course, the main reason is that we are all different. Each person has his own peculiarities of work of the organism, and therefore, what suits you is totally not effective for another.

The Problem of different results

About the wide range of results, as long as you say a diet, for a long time. It is clear that each person has a personality. But to lose because weight people there are many similarities. And yet, if the nutritionist collects a group of people to lose weight, for example, with the same parameters and provides you with a particular diet, the results of removing everyone from this group to be extremely unpredictable. Absolutely among the participants and a few of the lose easy and weight fast to is. Also, there is a group of people, the liberation of obesity is very difficult and slow. And still there are some participants for whom this diet would not be effective and not allow you to lose weight neither per kilogram.

Look for the reasons in the fact that someone is not slimming against the provisions of a nutritionist is necessary. In General, all eat the same according to the prescribed nutrition consultant program. But such a diet according to your taste, you can not think about Hunger, replenish energy reserves and feel good. And other diet seems boring, not tasty, monotonous, and brings not the slightest desire, so that the diet for you is a real challenge.

What is the secret of easy losing weight is


The answer to the question, it turns out, is practically on the surface. Amazing, but, the people weight reducing diets and food plans, and the intelligently-designed complex activities. Not only diet and exercise affect weight reduction. Importance and daily physical activity, muscle tone, posture of man and his determination. However, all of these factors can be very effective for the health of the people and prevent and prevent the Problem of overweight.

In every person there are a number of factors that help to lose weight and also prevent get rid of excess weight. Answers to the questions, what exactly promotes weight loss, and what bothers you, you must each person. You can solve these tasks is not easy. Here are some striking examples of the influence of the above factors on weight loss.

So, if two people keep at the same diet, but with the the Motivation, it is difficult, and the second sitting on a diet only for the company. The question is, who would be able to reduce weight faster? The answer is simple - of course, success quicker to reach the one, the Motivation is better. The thing is, that the thoughts of man are material. And if it raises a request to the target, in the body, the activity of noradrenaline and adrenaline. The activity of these hormones has a positive effect on the digestion of fat.

Another example is the various variants of the sport are. A preference for a pedestrian to cross in thirty to forty minutes, while the other is trying to lose weight fast and believe that running will help. Who, in this case, to achieve results faster? Many think that weight increase to lose, who run selects. But, in fact, a faster process of weight loss be observed in people, which is a lot. The fact that beg for untrained people are not provoked digestion of fat. Especially such loads can provoke the breakdown of carbohydrates. Since the supply of carbohydrates, not too big, and Supplement it only the diet will help, after the course, significantly increases the appetite. Here can be added and overexertion of the muscles, which causes the need of rest, burn what is also conducive to the active muscles.

And another example - two people in different ways relate to the dinner. One refuses to six, and the second one doesn't forget a light dinner. Who puts the weight faster?

lose weight

Which in this case is difficult to answer the question, of course, refusal of food intake after six in the significant Plus in the diet. But this day the feeling of Hunger constantly. If you can do it and this Person has a big Motivation, then he has to get rid of only excess weight. But if the Motivation is not, then the Hunger is not easy to fight, and this person is a consequence of life constantly miss. Of course, in this case, those who prefer a light dinner wins.