Exercises for weight loss for beginners

If flanks and belly. excess body accumulated fat, help you exercises for beginners to lose weight. By the complex, non-systematically, you will achieve no results.

Competent technique in combination with the gradually increasing loads to address excess body weight. So, as the volume of the legs, abdomen and thighs less?

exercises for losing weight

Fitness-exercises to perform at home

Wrong metabolism leads to weight gain. The harmony, the women tend to limit themselves in food, and the men, on the contrary, the recourse to the physical activity. In fact, a certain Form, and the combination of the proper diet and Fitness exercises.

The Training consists of several stages:

  • warm-up complex;
  • the bulk of the;
  • Stretching or towing device.

How long does it take, lesson, depends on the condition of the athlete, the trained. For children enough for 30 minutes, strain, and adults approximately 50 minutes for the combustion of body fat. To warm up the muscles and speed up the pulse, start with a simple Block – jump, run. Necessarily bands develop with the help of spins and inclinations.

Exercises, work your way from top to bottom – the hands, the back, chest, then, press, hips, buttocks, and legs. Not to forget the final stage. Stretch is characterized by the recovery of the ligaments and muscles after exercise. Video Tutorial guides you to learning a vacation, to relax, and after the Training.

Complex strength exercises for beginners

In the Appendix, there are exercises for all muscle groups. With the help of regular Training, you will be able to get rid of deposits of subcutaneous and visceral fat.


Many users do not know is that squats are different from the reduction in squat.

Before performing the exercises carefully with the technique:

  • straight and feet shoulder-apart, wide;
  • bend the legs at the knees, to go down;
  • feet recovered, return to the starting position.

As long as you master the correct technique, you will feel that you are falling behind. Squats perform as low as possible, the case remains smooth. Do not forget that what you do thighs and buttocks! In addition, the calf muscles, the press-to-connect itself with the work of the back. In one approach – to- 15 repetitions. With increasing endurance the number of repetitions increases to 25.

Fold for the press

This exercise requires the correct technique. In General, beginners can not at the same time, the upper and lower parts of the body work.

Meet the fold, as follows:

  • Scroll down to the buttocks;
  • the legs bent in a 90 degree angle and the arms along the body;
  • at the same time stretch the legs forward and pull back on the housing;
  • return to the starting position.

More than a simple variant of the folding of a practice, with a focus is on the palms behind the back. In the balance sheet only trained athletes can work. Tighten the abdominal muscles to the maximum and check the Position of the feet. You should not touch the ground!

Exercises for losing weight beginners. The rise of the basin to the top

Cycling, the buttocks and the thighs can during the execution of lifting the pelvis up from a lying Position.

Practice lead:

  • you lay down on the floor, the legs are bent, the center of gravity of the foot;
  • the hands lie beside the body;
  • you lift your pelvis up in front of the straightening of the housing in a line;
  • lower back to the starting position.

Pushups at home

The shoulders and the hands can do in the home. For the execution of the complex on the hands need a chair and weights. If no dumbbells are plastic bottles filled with water or Sand.

Push-UPS from a chair

  • Hands on the chair, the focus in the heels, the legs bent;
  • lower the housing down, bend the elbow to 90 degree angle;
  • in the initial position only by the force of the hands.

A common fault is the connection of the hip joints in the work. In a approach of 20 reps.

Pushups with narrow staging

how to properly lose weight
  • place your hands on the edge of the chair;
  • you take the Position of the bar on his outstretched hands, with an emphasis on the increase;
  • perform the pushups from the support.

Make sure that your elbow moving parallel to the hull, and went to the side. Enough 20 repetitions in one approach.

Rise of mass principle

Strengthening your biceps will help increases the dumbbell in the stand.

  • take the weights in the hands, and alternately lift up and down to reduce;
  • You can do the exercise with both hands simultaneously.

Please note: the hands are fixed on the housing! Enough 20 reps for each Hand, in one approach.

Straightening with the weight

  • From the straight Stand, you lead the inclination to the front;
  • The knee a little bent, the back holds the anatomical deflection;
  • Perform a flexion-extension of the hands in the elbow, the triceps contract.

Do not lift, pull the Hand up. Pressure must be gentle. You make for each Hand. to 15 repetitions in one approach.

Biceps with the basic carrier

Amazingly effective exercise for strengthening the hands.

  • down on one knee, to a support on a chair.
  • One-hand pipe for the ascent for the preservation of the balance;
  • the other Hand point to the front and you lead the stretching.

You don't go to a page. Adjust the Position of the hands during the execution of the exercises. Enough 15 reps for each side in one approach. Master the correct technique helps the lesson from an expert in this Video.

Exercises for losing weight beginners. Plank on hands

To increase strengthen all of the muscles and the stamina Ironing helps.

  • take Patty Michener;
  • climbs up the tree by under the shoulders;
  • keep the Position of the bar, avoiding the curvature in the lower back.

Complex of the bracket to the elbow. Static exercise run within 30 seconds, gradually increasing the time.

These exercises for beginners to lose weight help you learn the basic techniques and start on the path to a slim figure. Improve your physical Form at home, the main thing – the desire and the will power can be:!

Exercises for weight loss for beginners | WHO?WHAT?WHERE?

a series of exercises

Exercises for weight loss for beginners is the best helper for people who are overweight are tired. Offer you ten simple ways to performed at home.

The correct weight-loss is impossible without the physiological stresses. You need to look regularly shop, in order to not only get rid of the pesky extra pounds, but also beautiful. There are various effective exercises for weight loss for beginners, among which we select the most appropriate.

Strap: classic and side-to-side

Ironing – this is exactly the exercise to lose weight for beginners, which helps keep the tone and the muscles in the Form. It increases the strength and improves the posture. But the most important is the removal of excess fat from the lower abdomen. Consequences of the technology, correct design minimizes the risk of injuries and give the best result.

Now let's talk about how your Fitness at home and to do such exercises for weight loss for beginners. We take any Pad. She lay on him, and rely on forearms, elbows under the shoulders. Body just, head out with him on a line. We look at the fists.

The main thing is to follow behind the back, it should be straight and without distractions. The legs do not bend and hold, as you can. At first glance, it may seem that to make it easy, but after a few seconds find that you swings of the voltage.

Yes, and don't forget to strain the muscles of the abdomen is an important goal.

Then you start to experiment – you can do the side-to-side variant is, on straight arms, and so on. For the beginning 20 seconds 3 times a day. Reviews about Ironing as an exercise for weight loss for beginners – strictly positive, beginners recommend.


To remove a whole life is not a philosophy that will not only weight, but to bring the mind into order. The essence of the Yoga exercises for weight loss, we recommend for beginners, lies in the acceptance of the particular pos.

Here we need to breathe properly and to take into account mental state. Feature here is that, when done properly, no pain, although a significant burden.

Ironing on the Ball

This Ball is a valuable workout for those who are already long and unsuccessfully on a diet. The exercises on the Ball slimming, which is intended for beginners, to help bored in the fight against the fat pad.

The easiest thing to do the bar on him. Place the forearms on a Fitball, shoulders are over the elbows, cross my fingers, legs set to the width of the hips, the drag of the body in a straight line. First, there is the knees bend, Inspirations do you do exactly, and we return to the original pose.

Circles with the Ball

The movement of the legs in a circle will help. To master this technique, place the Fitball between your legs and put us on the back. Do you lift the legs to the top and start turning movements with the in-between is clamped in a Ball. The Video for beginners, where professional people, the exercises lead to weight loss with the Ball.


There is a whole range of exercises for weight loss, perfectly suited for beginners.

One of the few systems that allows it to achieve results in a short period of time, without the slightest damage to the body. Muscles developed quickly, and it helps protect your back.

Exercises for losing weight you can safely recommend for beginners, if something is in doubt, watch the Video with exercises.

  • Need a chair with armrests. Sit, lean, lift the body and spine.
  • About 30 centimeters, between the legs. Sucks in the tummy, lift the hands. Then bend the legs, and the hands pull forward, as we want to reach before anything. Then you pull back, pushing the neck forward. Aspire to that in each of these positions for at least a Minute. Make 5 Approaches.
  • The hands are breeding in the Hand, and raise it to the height of the shoulders. Keep the palms up. To reduce try a maximum of the shoulder blade, then tap the arms back up to the touch of the Finger, the bend elbow. Do 100 times. To make it easier, it is better to use exercises for weight loss under music, for a beginner this is particularly important.
  • Are, pull the hands upwards, do the same with the legs, then try to lift the body. In this pose not less than 20 seconds. Lead 15 times.
exercises for beginners

Those who do not know where to start exercises for weight loss you intend to do at home, start the process with the bar. Everything else run in a random order. Do not overload and after each workout to let the body relax.