Diet for weight loss laterally

From thousands of diets for weight reduction are just a few to take into account the individual peculiarities of each organism. Often it happens that instead of the long-awaited Transfiguration Slims only, the chest, the do exactly, but the problem areas remain unchanged. In this article about how to get to the "lifeline to get rid of" – fatty deposits in the abdomen and flanks. It will not be easy, but it is fine and beautiful, if you do everything right.

Diet for weight loss laterally

Why is the stomach not to lose weight: causes of problematic zones

The Problem of obesity in the abdominal area and the side of more concern, is the female half of the men are also rarely the battle with the hips. That's the first reason this is problematic zones – gender "injustice" of nature. With the school course of anatomy and many know why this is happening. The female body Ballast collects there, where it is necessary for the pregnancy.

Body fat flanks and under belly, the function of protecting and securing the supply of nutrients to meet at the same time. Body not convincing in the fact that it looks fashionable impossible, but to correct the Situation – perfectly.

To enrolled the main causes of obesity belly and Stress. In many such a condition is accompanied, on the contrary, as a result of weight loss and loss of appetite. Others less fortunate, in times of Stress, the adrenal glands secrete increased dose of the hormone Cortisol. This component and affects the accumulation of fat in this area.

In any case, the intricacies of the waist seat supports the end of a way of life, lack of exercise, provokes overweight in General. Often, even low-calorie diet does not get rid of the Ballast, because the "Reserve fat" round very difficult. Therefore, slimming diet belly and thigh only makes sense in connection with special exercises.

Genetic predisposition caused many a good laugh, but the laughter usually those with such a predisposition. In fact, if the rounded belly and the sides by at least three generations – this is a serious Problem, the more difficult to solve. Here are a number of measures that you keep for a lifetime.

Less complicated, but the most common cause of large pages – mundane wrong diet. In the abdominal cavity "love" accumulate sweets, greasy and beer-the latter is especially dangerous, both for men as well as women. This Situation is relatively easy to fix. As already mentioned, when the abdomen is already present, get rid of it is difficult, but the combination of the right foods, and physical activity did not leave a Chance to "lifeline".

Products for slim waist

As if it is not due to overweight, in order to correct the Situation by correcting the nutritional and training plan. In the first line's worth of products, the cave provoke the deposition of fat cells in the belly. Effective diet for the waist, as they are completely eliminated.

Slimming thighs and abdomen must exclude:

  • Confectionery;
  • white bread, sweet cakes, puff pastry;
  • Vegetable oil;
  • smoked and canned foods;
  • fat meat: lamb, pork, duck, goose;
  • industrial sauces;
  • Pasta, Semolina;
  • Grits;
  • Edible Oils: Spreads, Margarine;
  • sweet lemonade;
  • Alcohol, and nicotine.

In addition, the use of less salt or even recommend to give up, to Deposit, it is water retention in the body and the cells dehydrate. Sugar is also a dangerous product with any diet, you can replace it with honey or secure counterparts.

To use for the correction of the volumes of the abdomen:

harmful products
  1. Lean Cuts Of Meat. Use poultry, lean veal, beef. The meat must then be combined for replenishment of Protein, preferably with fresh vegetables.
  2. Fish and sea fruits. You must also be fat-free, are all suitable clams, carp, pike-perch, hake, eel, pike, Zander.
  3. Vegetables. You should only slimming more in the menu, it can be used in cooked or raw. The most suitable starch-containing species: zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers, peppers, green beans, carrots. At the very least, the potatoes.
  4. Fruit. For natural snacking and Desserts: pears, apples, plums, apricots, cherries. Preferably limited in the use of grapes, bananas, nectarines and figs. There are to refrain from fruit is better before dinner and before bedtime, since they increase the level of insulin and stimulate the appetite.
  5. The Production Of Milk. For diets only lean cottage cheese, Kefir, yogurt. Sometimes at Breakfast, one can of cheese, drink milk moderately eat hard – a glass every two days.
  6. Greens. It gives taste and flavor to diets, in addition, a supply of vitamins. Special attention should be saturated on the greens, he is good, is rich in nutrients and has a negative calorie content.
  7. Beans – useful Protein product. Sleeve slimming recommended fruits because of their digestion, the body consumes almost all the received energy, and thus calories carefully beans do not go in fat.
  8. Eggs. You can't fry all of the available types, the main thing. Are allowed only soft-boiled or hard-boiled.
  9. Nuts and dried fruits. You need to it is limited, at best, they are suitable as a snack, you can add them to salads or with cottage cheese, yogurt.

For the preparation of dietary dishes, you can treatment any kind of heat except frying. To get rid of belly and flanks, to love boiled and steamed products. In addition, you can bake a stew of vegetables and meat, not vegetable oil, in the oven or cook in multicookings.

To the approved products, sometimes you can add the groats, though it is undesirable for a diet. 1-2 times a week, you can eat, oatmeal, it cleanses the intestines that only helps with weight loss, it can be for Breakfast or lunch. Also reviews lose weight recommend the diet-a horse-radish, ginger, and cinnamon, you can accelerate fat the process of decomposition and improve the digestion.

For the adherence to diet in addition to the list of products you must know the rules of the program. The complete course diet takes quite a long time, but the result is certainly, if you the recommendations.

The rules of the diet

List of products for this diet mainly consists of plant foods, dairy products and meat are very limited, and cereals in General, excluded. So in such a diet must be carefully, in order to get the opposite effect.

For reducing the size of the abdomen and thighs is necessary to adhere to common rules:

  1. You Share Your Meals. So the body is to eat a small portion and as quickly as possible do not consume, you dwell in the Form of extra fat. It is preferably to 4-5 small meals a day. The rules of the early dinner and stay in power, and in this time.
  2. Monitor the size of the portions. If you will often and a lot, a sense of crushing. A portion should be 150-200 g.
  3. To drink clean water. Carbonated mineral water is necessary to replace on-the-water without Gas, so all the useful minerals remain on the site. Sometimes you can high-quality-enriched water, but only occasionally. The correct fluid supply is allowed to eat less, and to cleanse gradually of the body, especially before going to bed to drunk to fight the next morning with edema.
  4. To sleep well. Normal sleep, positive mood will be during the program very helpful. In addition, the correct mode of the day, improves the General well-being and good looks.
  5. Train.

In these rules, the entire diet is based. A program for the correction of the waist and includes three stages, in order to enter smoothly diet to normalize the volume of the thighs and flanks, and then to hold permanently the result.

The first step

the right food

Includes admission, in this time the body has to learn to eat right, and a little break. In the first days of possible discomfort, when before diet diet was the opposite. This Phase lasts for one week, during the eliminate gradually prohibited products. During this time, learning to eat better, without bread and salt, Kas.

The second Phase

Is the most important Phase of the diet. In this period, the basic remove the belly and flanks. Its duration depends on the initial weight, a diet of 2 to 4 weeks. In this time, completely forbidden food & drinks excluded shared, food is strictly liquid intake in the normal range (1.5-2 liters per day).

The Third Phase

Consists of fluid output from a strict diet and the right diet even longer life. This Phase is necessary to consolidate and to hold the result. In the first days of the diet you can give cereal, but candy, alcohol and salt should disappear from the table even on half a year. They also have pasta, limit the production of bread. Fat of meat, edible oils, grilled and industrial additives remain prohibited as long as a beautiful waist.

With a list of products and sequencing, it can take a circuit build and your diet. Menu for a week in advance, to prepare carefully, and from the target. For example, consider the menu for each level.

The menu for the first Phase

Breakfast: salad from cucumbers and tomatoes with firm cheese and lemon juice, tea with milk.

Lunch: soup with beans and peppers, a piece of rye bread.

Snack: fresh squeezed juice, a pear.

Dinner: steak, steamed broccoli, tea, and rosemary.

The menu for the second Phase

Breakfast: salad of Kiwi, and pears, tea.

Lunch: 150 G of yogurt without additives.

Lunch: fish soup with herbs (without potatoes).

Snack: a little bit of nuts or peanuts.

Dinner: boiled Turkey fillet, salad of celery and boiled egg.

Menu for the third Phase

Breakfast: oat flakes on the water, tea with milk.

Lunch: diet-bread with a Paste of spinach, tea.

Lunch: soup with chickpeas and vegetables.

Snack: green Apple.

Dinner: chicken breast, braised with carrots, tomato juice, without salt.

In the third Phase of other diet so gradually, a week after the diet has yet. to the rules of the diet Then select a balanced diet for maintaining weight, is the medical method of correction of the weight diet №8, or PP, to System BUTCH.

Further measures for the correction of the waist

Good results are guaranteed only if all of the effort. If overweight in the belly area has very little, can only proper nutrition. But often with a relatively slim legs, belly and hips, they form the crux of the Problem, for example, when the body is "Apple". In such cases, requires additional measures.

To remove In the first place, to Boca, you need to decide, with complex exercises. For a flat stomach and slim waist guest reviews to lose weight a Standard exercise recommend: "Bicycle", "scissors", "birch". In addition, to gain sought-after Form of help fast a few exercises.

"By breathing": lie on a flat surface under the head with a small pillow or cushion. The legs stretch out, relax the hands along the body, complete. The abdominal cavity inhale to the maximum to move and stop breathing. Slowly exhale, repeat the exercise 15 to 25 times.

"Knee-elbow": lie on a flat surface, hands behind head, legs in the knees a little bent. The right elbow to the left knee pulled up and freezes for a few seconds, while exhaling to the starting position. Repeat this exercise 15 to 25 minutes.

"Twists and turns": the original Position. The legs wide, bend arms in elbows and press the breast. On the exhale slowly rotate the housing (as if you try to have a look on the back). On the inhale return to the starting position. You can set this exercise up to 25 minutes.

"Circles": on the back of the hands at the seams, one foot drag vertically. Resting his hands on the ground, in a circle with an outstretched leg to turn, as if drawing imaginary circles on the ceiling. "Draw" 15-20 rounds with one leg, then the same the second do.

Instead of the usual exercises, choose a special Training course and work on Video, even better physical burdens on all groups of muscles. In addition to sports, weight reduction is recommended, wraps, oils and creams apply. Anti-Cellulite means better don't waste time and money much better normal olive oil.

exercises for losing weight

The additional hydration and nourishment the skin required, the turned belly looked Fit and elastic. If the initial weight before the diet was too big, better to stretch slimming longer to overweight went gradually. The sharp correction of the quantities to rods long, the skin in the lower abdomen and the additional chip.

During the lactation period, comply with on the background of diseases of the digestive tract and the liver this diet you can only with the permission of a doctor.


Diet for the correction of the abdomen and flanks, will help restore a beautiful waistline and a healthier body. The menu consists of plant foods and small amounts of protein, which can clean the intestines, improve metabolism and the appearance. In addition, during the diet it's a habit, it becomes less and more often, so keep a healthy life according to this program, it will be much easier.

To quickly restore a flat stomach and waist, you can also find other effective diet: milk with tea, ginger, and Tibetan. Not to forget the main thing, the effort and the own safety, choose the methodology, which is a health hazard at the very least.