Drinks for slimming

Drinks for losing weight — a good Alternative to biologically active additives, pills and special teas for weight loss.

The advantage of this beverage is that they are, we do them yourself and know for a fact that all-natural composition and the calorie content low.

Drinks for slimming

Depending on the type of foods, beverages can contribute to the excretion of excess fluid from the body, toning, activate the metabolism, fill the cells with nutrients to speed up the metabolism.

Drinks for slimming is quite easy to prepare, they are really good in helping to lose weight, but don't forget that without a special diet and physical activity, the result would be possible.

For the preparation of Mineral spices, herbs, fruit, vegetables, honey. By thinking of the recipes, in the course of time you will be able to. Feel Free To Experiment!

Drink recipes for losing weight

Recipes drinks to lose weight at home :

  • Drink Grapefruit
    Take half a Grapefruit, a piece of ginger and syrup of buckthorn (100g). Pour cut the syrup in a clean water (1L), Grapefruit in pieces and ginger RUB on a fine grater and mix them all in the water. Allow to cool for an hour and then add the ice;
  • Herbal tea for slimming
    Collection of herbs for weight loss should be soothing plants, plant hormones, metabolic stimulants, diuretics, and laxative herbs.
    You concoct grass, sage, rosehip, nettle and chamomile.

Before consumption you should have any contraindications.

With Ginger

Ginger root has a strong effect of burning of fat and increases metabolism. Such means prepared as yet in the East in ancient times. In the composition of ginger essential oils, the immune system.

There are many recipes, but we have to be broth to ginger.

Drink for losing weight with ginger: ginger Chopped (30 G) pour water (300 ml). After boiling, cook for a further 15 minutes on low heat. After cooling, strain, add the lemon juice and 1 TSP honey. You drink the broth for 30 minutes before eating. Use of ginger is prohibited, people with problems of the digestive tract.

With Honey

Honey protein, vitamins of group In, With, contains, zinc, iron and other useful components, cleans the bowel, strengthens the immune system, brings the bile.

Drink to lose weight with honey: Add the warm water 1CH.L. Honey, lemon juice and cinnamon. Drink 2 times a day on an empty stomach and before bedtime. After taking necessarily exercises in order to honey immediately came into the intestine.

Honey can cause allergies, so you select a high quality product and use it carefully. People who are overweight and Diabetes contraindicated the use of such water.

With Lemon

The main component of the lemons - ascorbic acid. It contributes to the improvement of fat metabolism, promotes the cleansing function of the liver.

Drink with lemon for weight loss: For the preparation you can use the juice of two lemons, mint, and ginger finely chop. Add the ingredients in purified water in 3 hours, strain the mixture and let cool in the refrigerator. Consume in the course of the day.

With Cinnamon

Drink with cinnamon very good effect on the digestive system, therefore, this seasoning is worth to have on Hand. Cinnamon stabilizes the insulin levels, due to this the decomposition of fat is in the abdominal cavity.

Coffee with cinnamon instead of sugar is the optimal level of glucose in the blood, quenches Hunger and cravings for sweets.

In the hot coffee with a pinch of cinnamon and drink. Only a few grams give unsurpassed effect, of the you be amazed.

Drink for weight loss Sassi

Water Sassi ingredients combined, effectively help in weight loss. Promotes rapid breakdown of fats and the detoxification.

For the preparation of Sassi slices of a lemon and a cucumber, cut you RUB a piece of ginger and add all the components in clean water together with mint. Cool the mixture, and the next day drink the whole pitcher. For results consume the water Sassi 12 days.

Detox Drinks

Drink recipes for losing weight

Modern people are susceptible to the accumulation of toxic substances in the body. Sources for toxins substandard food, cosmetics, environmental, household chemicals, synthetic drugs, and even clothing can be.

In our forces to help the body stay healthy. Correct your diet, eat more dietary fiber, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, water and herbal teas. Reduce intake of sugar, salt, dairy, fast carbs, bad fats, dyes and preservatives. You try to sleep more, get out into nature and sports.
To prepare at home, you green Smoothies, cleaning, Drainage Cocktails.

Detox drinks for weight loss at home recipes:

1. Beetroot Juice

Mix the juice of 1 beet, 2 apples and 4 stalks celery.
You take before meals in 100 ml.
Beetroot has powerful properties of cleaning, increases intestinal peristalsis, destroyed the old bacteria, regulates the fat metabolism.
Beetroot contains acids, amino acids, and dietary fiber;

2. Cold Tea Citrus

With boiling water mint, ginger and cardamom filling. In the cooled mixture add the juice of orange, lemon, and honey. Drink chilled, on an empty stomach, before morning exercises.
This drink is fighting with diseases of the stomach, improves digestion, condition of skin, has blood vessels has a positive effect on the blood, gives energy for the whole day.

3. Berry Smoothie

400g frozen strawberries and cherries, 2 bananas, mint, mix all with water and Mash in a blender.
Cool drink and snacking to replace.
Berries-Smoothies contain many vitamins, antioxidants. In order to promote weight loss by the content of large quantities of water. In the berries contain fiber, which have been struggling with being overweight.

4. Apple garden

Clean and slice a large Apple and fill with boiling water. When cool, add 1 TSP honey and cinnamon. Strain and drink during the day.
The effect of the cleaning takes place through the pectin contained in apples. Pectins in the work of the digestive tract, active in the fight against poisoning.

Among other things, products that help to cleanse the body and lose weight distinguished: Aloe, Goji berries, yoghurt, pineapple, cabbage, green tea, raspberries, pumpkin seeds, Avocado, persimmon, all the herbs and others.

The selection of the ingredients that you like, the process of cleaning and reduction in weight not only useful, but also delicious.
Stay healthy!