Experience in the use One Two Slim

His story Antonella from Valencia told us. The girl told, what problems were you and your husband, and how the drops of One Two Slim in the end, helped them to two back more than 100 kg overweight only for half a year.

Experience in the use of One Two Slim

"Obesity is a time bomb, which results in small steps you in the direction of the cemetery". These thoughts came in my head, when the pointer of the balance was for a long time for 100 kg, and I was the medical Team in an attempt to stop a hypertensive crisis. To be honest, fear not rather indifference, through which the slender, cheerful beauty, I and turned into an oily carcasses.

If my condition is stable, the doctors said that if I don't lose weight, then a renewed attack to be the last one in my life could. The cardiologist explains how hard it is, the heart pump blood in my body, where it rustled only in the internal fat, and died with every shot. In that Moment, I wanted to pull myself together and change their lives. It seemed to me that there is a Chance at a normal life, but the doctors were able to save me, and therefore, it is not so simple.

My first successful slimming, and the return of the weight

In General, I put myself on a strict Mono-diet. The only product that I ate, was semolina. Enough of me, as always, in the short 10 days, after which I fell to the ground, ate different calorie-rich food, but decided that I'm not going to stop, but just continue on. The condition was terrible: constantly dizzy, nauseous, had a weakness, in the evening the temperature rose, but I was sure that you want to continue, no matter what the cost.

The girlfriend saw me after 3 weeks, my weight loss was horrified. Pale girl with bruises under his eyes, chewing with difficulty can the wheat book – this I could not fit me. She offered me to go on a liquid diet that supposedly is a good way to get rid of extra pounds. Possible, but only in liquid Form. Juices, broths, and even yogurt gave me a feeling of saturation, so I have just stopped – acute Hunger did not decline the Chance to sleep. Then I read on the Internet about vegetarian diet and decided to try to live by those rules. Excluded from the diet all animal products, I started to eat cereal and salads. It was something made easier to drink, but the health. Heart palpitations, anxiety, insomnia and migraines, and steel companions of my life.

In one and a half months, I was able to shed 12 kg, although I thought we were much the greater number. I've read that such low results are possible due to the slow metabolism, and to speed it up, you should train. With my size and the condition of the health of the Sport for me was contraindicated. But I was walking around the house. In one of these walks I met a man. His forms were far from ideal, and we decided to work together on the reduction of the weight.

On the one hand, we support each other, and the emaciation was going to be easier, and with the other I began to get ripped off on the sly. Was able to get up in the night and easy to empty the fridge. In 3 months of our joint lose weight the results, were satisfied. But the greater joy gave us a unexpected news – I was pregnant. Woman doctor warned me immediately that starvation diet to me are contraindicated, but furthermore, weight must reduce, otherwise I can child just can't stand. I'm with my husband then, follow all recommendations of the doctor, with one exception – it was urgently necessary to leave the work, such as excessive physical strain were dangerous for the fetus. But the financial question would not let me go in. We have a lot of quarrel with my husband, because I wanted to, that he found a second Job or another way out of this Situation. Has ended all that experience on the future of the child was the reason for the miscarriage.

Temper tantrums, quarrels, recriminations, lack of Motivation led to the fact that we eat both Stress and because of the previous games, with a diet more output collected weight. At some point we realized that it will stop time and even to take in Hand, back to the diets, there was no point, since the result was already familiar with.

How we managed to reset it and for two people more than 100 kg

Then we decided to go to a dietician suggested to eat us just right and drink drops One Two Slim. I could not believe that my weight dropped so sharply that in spite of the fact that I don't feel hungry. I felt great, the energy of the key struck, the atmosphere was great. Failures was not, there was acute Hunger. In General, my husband and I were thrilled of One Two Slimbecause the drops helped us easily give up unhealthy food to control the appetite, drove the metabolism and the energy we have received, it was necessary to spend somewhere, and we were in the gym. In this mode, only 6 months, we have both managed to normalize your weight, and the second threw more than 100 kg, and at the same time and have the relationship. In addition, the doctor has said that I now have the birth of a healthy baby without risk to health.

By the way, the weight loss is also a financial issue could be solved – man was a personal Trainer and helps to get rid of people with overweight pounds. All of his customers, he recommends drops One Two Slim. And I wrote this review in the hope that someone will save the drug as a life, health and family, how he has helped me.